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    I crashed

    Sorry no pics but I was in an accident this last week, in my 05 explorer. I lost control, went through a guardrail and nosedived over ten feet from a bridge. The airbags never deployed and i was fine other than bruises. As for the car, the direct impact was on the driver side of the bumper...
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    Has anyone ever done a carb setup?

    Anyone on a recent x done a carb'd setup?
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    Resonator solution?

    I have my magnaflow installed, and without realizing it, I ordered exhaust tips with resonators, so now I have two. Should I save some money, file down the glass-pack style resonators inside my tips, or spend extra and get the right equipment to replace my stock resonator, and in doing so add...
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    remote start

    Can you just buy a blank key for your x, tape it to your ignition, then hook up a regular remote start system or is it more complicated than that?
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    Cold air intake works, however....

    I'm getting way more air, and to compensate, i'm using way more fuel. I went from 17 to 11 mpg. I thought cold air intake gave you better gas mileage, but all its doing is flooding my engine with gas. How do i get the mpg's back and not loose my new found pickup?
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    changine color scheme (maybe)

    I have red brake calipers, should i paint them blue and do blue under seat lights or just leave it? The x is gold.
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    cold air intake help

    I set up my cold air intake with the adapter kit and apparently that caused it to set the engine failsafe mode. I am going to make sure its airtight, but what else could i do to make sure it works?
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    Tuning with a laptop

    What would it take to set it up so you can tune your car with a computer? If that's not possible, is there a place that will tune your current ecu for better performance?
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    cold air intake write-up

    I just put on a magnaflow 14" muffler and a cold air intake for my 05 v6, and im so impressed. My acceleration is 1000000000 times better and it sounds like a beast. So heres the guide to a budget friendly cold air intake: You need:
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    Just installed cold air intake and now car won't even try to start! Help!

    I installed cold air intake, hooked up my maf sensor, reconnected the battery, and now the car wound even try to start. What did i do?
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    Creative ignition system

    I am wanting to build a push button ignition system, where a key isn't required. I have keyless entry so this would work great. My idea is, get into the car via keyless entry, and then, without a key just push a button to start up the car. This seems like it would be the worst security measure...
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    Guide to basic upgrades for third gen

    These are the most basic horsepower, mpg, torque, and suspension mods available, in the order I plan on doing them. If you want more info on any of them use the search feature: seafoam - - $10 - Clean out engine. muffler -...
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    Home made hood scoop and update on my car

    Just to let anyone who is interested know, I ordered a magnaflow 14" muffler, some exhaust tips, materials for resonator delete, and the materials for custom cold air intake (will post pics of intake and vid of exhaust once installed). I've got thermal wraps for my intake manifold on the way...
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    Securing cold air intake

    I have ordered all the parts I need (hopefully) for my cold air intake build. I just don't get one thing; I am still using the air tube that goes from the engine to the air box, and its flexible. With my setup coming off this I'd like a way to bend and hold it however I like. What would you...
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    Cheap air intake

    I need a maf to cone filter setup and im looking at this one...
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    Need help finding part: exhaust 2 1/4" to 2 1/4 inch

    Found it. Excuse my idiocracy.
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    How to: Boost the signal of a cheap ipod fm transmitter

    Anyone who has an ipod fm transmitter, knows the amount of time it takes to find a blank station, and find the exact place in your car to place it, to achieve a good signal. Some work only when being held because they use your body as an antenna, while you don't make the best conductor, your a...
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    V6 muffler

    I need a very cheap muffler for my v6 X that sounds good and isn't toooo loud (we have neighbors that race camaro's and they have loud exhaust and my mom wants to kill them). Also on my x whats the in out dimensions for the pipe? It should be a centered in offset out right?
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    How to spend $200

    Ive got $200 saved to spend on the x, currently stock (other than blacked out emblems, grill, and center caps with red calipers). What would you do next? I've been thinking either a new muffler and custom coa, or some soft 8's (what is the factory size for 05 X wheels?) or a cheap brush...
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    Where would you go to get my bumpers repainted?

    to get my bumpers repainted? I need a budget friendly fix and am not confident trying to touch them up myself.
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    Ideas for an LCD, computer, dvd, stereo

    Ive got a spare 17" flat screen monitor, and old crappy computer, a dvd player, and a stereo. Ideas?
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    I need to get both my bumpers repainted on a 05 ex

    can anyone give me an estimate? The X is gold and I'm either going to paint them black myself or have them repainted. I'm 15 though and trying to convince my parents to let me get them re-painted.
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    I want to paint my rims

    I understand the painting process but how do I remove / remount my tires?
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    does anyone have a solution for the ugly center caps?

    I can take them off but then you have that rusty axle thread and the brass ugly lug nuts. Could you paint the threads and buy some new lugs?