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    Tuners in general

    Hello gents. I am posting because I need information. I purchased a tuner from Diablo over a year ago and have been using the 91 octane tune and its decent. I have been reading alot about Southern Speed Inc and am wondering if any of you guys/ gals have been using their tunes. Is SSi...
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    Livernois Thunderstorm questions 1) Has anyone installed this on their Sport? 2) Does it blow a CEL error? 3) On a stock Sport, what are the HP and Torque gains? I want to...
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    DiabloSport Tunes for the Sport

    I am not loyal to any company but I am very pleased with the 87 Octane Tune I have on my 2015 Sport from There are 2 tuners they offer..The Trinity and the Intune. I have the Intune tuner. 93 Octane Performance - This...
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    OK, 2015 Ford Explorer

    Just doing my required first post. I snagged a 2015 Ford Explorer Sport and so far I have purchased a Diablosport Intune, lifted it and have new tires and rims.