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    Replacing my 4" screen with an 8"

    Yes I do have the 54 pin plug. Seems like I might be shipping for an 8" Sony deck
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    Bluetooth Disabled?

    Are you saying that Bluetooth is not related to the sync version??
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    FORScan: Add compass heading on 2016 Interceptor?

    Is that the GPS unit that is mounted under the center console?
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    2016-18 Police Utility Forscan Settings

    make a new thread and drop the linky. I think mine got disabled on a 2017 too
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    2016-18 Police Utility Forscan Settings

    🥰🥰🥰🕺🍻🍹🍾🍷🍸🏺. Wowsers that's an impressive contribution to this forum! Very generous what a blessing
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    Replacing my 4" screen with an 8"

    My bad Bill. I meant that I do have "myFord Sync". Idk if that's v1 or 2.
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    2018 PIU remote start fob?

    Okay so I would need to pair an agreement remote start vs the facility receiver and weird little remote start keyfob ? I'm just trying to see if it's doable or a pita
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    Replacing my 4" screen with an 8"

    So what you're suggesting is that bc I haven't the sync MyFord already with the 54pin ACM I could at the least plug it in and try? Did you need any dealership programming for your Sony 8" up fit Bill?
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    New 8” screen without sync?

    I don't believe it is a simple plug and play it I would. There is a gent that did successfully upgrade his 4" to 8" on a 2015 but he made custom harnesses and all kinda jazz bc no sync. Said it was a "Huge" undertaking...
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    Replacing my 4" screen with an 8"

    Holy wow that does sound like allot. How many hours you got into that? Also, what is HS2?
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    2018 PIU remote start fob?

    Looks like this addresses it. Seems to be about $300 bc I need the Ford receiver module and programming with IDS
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    2018 PIU remote start fob?

    I have a 2017 PIU. Can that be done in ForScan? How would I check if my vehicle supports factory remote start or is remote start ready?
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    Auxiliary buttons on steering wheel

    I'll try to directly quote maybe that will trigger a notification. Stoker, I have a 2017 piu with sync MyFord. Assuming I have the police module, can I bypass it or does it need to be swapped with the civilian module if it is even present? If you know that is. My buttons are labeled for...
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    Replacing my 4" screen with an 8"

    From your research were you able to accomplish this bc your didn't have Sync before or does it not seem to matter... That you know? I have a 2017 with the basic "Sync myford" just Bluetooth 4" screen & dialpad
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    Replacing my 4" screen with an 8"

    Which vehicle year did you have for your PIU? Also what great was your Sony donor screen and CD APM from? Many thanks!!
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    Issues With Steering Wheel Controls

    @Exploder82. Please update us 😊 After the Ford rep contacted you kinda went dark. Same issues here on a 2017 PIU
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    How to: Explorer 3rd row delete & police package install

    Honestly I wonder why you didn't just buy the police cruiser in the first place. It's more than $10k less, more like $15k currently than comparable used Explorer models same engine and odo.
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    2016 PIU no-sync to sync?

    Haha my volume up and back are already janky. Volume up changes stations. I already had a steering wheel being pulled though. That police one is kinda shit. I'm sure many upgrade theirs too. Have you personally seen one of the aftermarket swaps on the Interceptor utility? I'd be interested...
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    2016 PIU no-sync to sync?

    Share pics, how did it work out? I have a 2017 PIU with the 4" sync 1 display with Bluetooth
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    Solved. I bypassed the defective fuel pump relay to run.

    Was the relay located in the engine fuse box? I'm having the same issue, crank no start. The PIU manual does not list a fuel pump relay in the fuse box and idk where it's is located 🤷
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    Has anyone tried the Car Navi Player head unit/dash kit?

    Well Dang it looks great. I also really like that it has hardware buttons unlike the tesla style screens. That is a really high level of customer service. Thanks for the response and pics btw! Looks like you already had Sync 2 in the vehicle bc of the bluetooth option like I have. Since...