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  1. J

    A4LD to manual

    o thanks so much
  2. J

    A4LD to manual

    ok my pice of **** a4ld tranny is makeing all kinda wierd clunks and bumps gona go out soon. now what i wana do is replace it with a manual tranny so my question is. is there a manual tranny that will bolt to my engin and transfer case? if so what kind and what kinda cars will i find it in?
  3. J

    changeing the front differentials gear oil

    ok not trying to sound dumb but is there any easy way to drain the gear oil out of my front differential? because it does not have a drain plug and i would realy not have to take off that hole part of my differential that also serves as a cover to the pumpican, so how do i drain it?
  4. J

    coustic amp

    no cause its only powering 2 subs
  5. J

    coustic amp

    hey guys i just got my sterio instald in my car with a coustic 420x amp it is a 4 chanal amp and i wana know if i can bridge it to 2 channels so my subs will hit better, so can i do this without ruining my amp? and how do you bridge?
  6. J

    white face gages

    hey i wana install white face gages in my 1991 explorer but i cant find any even on ebay so someone please give me a link thanks alot josh
  7. J

    oil leak

    ok cool thx
  8. J

    oil leak

    ok thx alot think i should just buy a new one to put in there to stop the leak
  9. J

    oil leak

    hey everyone i have an oil leak, and it isn't ergint i just wana repair it. i know were its leaking i just dont know what the part is called so i havent been able to get it. it is leaking from the thing that goes into the oil pan on the side, i think it is like the oil gage sensor or something...
  10. J

    Where should i get started?

    yeah it will work i think james duffs lift is a 2.5'' or just do a 3in bl
  11. J

    My car is going to EXPLODE!!

    lol one of the easyest ways to check your surpintine belt, is to just spray some wd 40 on it and if it goes away than your belt or one of your pullys is screaching. just u gota remember as with many of my redneck fixes this dosnt always work.
  12. J

    How To Poop At Work

    lol u forgot one thing. what is the guy called who comes in to the stall next to you and just trys to start a convy. ?
  13. J

    New Chic on the Block!!

    o dont worrie us guys wont chase you off, just make u laugh. love to see a girl with an explorer i agree we need some piccys. lol welcome to the sight hope u like it.
  14. J

    1991 stock sterio wont turn on when cold

    yeah ill look at that tomorrow, and i will eventualy buy a new sterio, when i have mony to spend on that if you know what i mean.
  15. J

    Your Favorite Song to Bump?

    man i must be a real hick, my favrit song to blast is save a horse ride a cowboy by big and rich.
  16. J

    1991 stock sterio wont turn on when cold

    hey i have a 1991 explorer with the stock cd player and when it is cold outside my sterio will not turn on does anyone know why its doing this?
  17. J

    warn manual hubs

    hooked on phonxs alredy worked for me. but may i ask what is a phonx?
  18. J

    warn manual hubs

    im sher this has prolly been asked but i need a website where i can by warn manual hubs, and the hub conversion for my 1991 ford explorer. hopfuly all for no more than 200 dollars any website will be much apreciated thx
  19. J

    Keep me in your prayers, too guys

    good luck. try not to stress to much over it. go wheelen when its over that always relives stress.
  20. J

    herc liner

    lol yeah i think im gona go with hurcliner just in black. how many gallons does anyone have any idea. i was thinkin like 3 or 4
  21. J

    herc liner

    think i will. ill let u know how it turns out when im done, any idea how many gallons it will take?
  22. J

    herc liner

    its a daily driver. but it sees heavy trail use which is why my paint dosnt look good. i think i might go for it, because like i said it sees heavy trail use and i would b really pissed if i got it a nice new paint job than scartched it all up like it is now. ill have to think about it alot though.
  23. J

    herc liner

    o cool. did it look good at all? because soon i will b replaceing my front fenders and hood and my paint pretty much looks like hell now. so i was just thinkin about whated would be like to just hurc it up.
  24. J

    herc liner

    Hey, has anyone here ever painted there hole car with hurc liner? if you havent have you ever thaught about it?
  25. J

    do chicks like explorers

    lol if likeing all that is freckish i must be the biggest freck or maybe im just redneck :) , and all my gfs have been frecks too :P o well. is all fun ant it