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    High Idle - Multimeter Readings - Pulling My Hair Out

    I am stumped. I hope somebody can help me out. 1992 Explorer Sport, 4.0L, 5 Speed When I start it cold, it idles about 2500 RPM until it warms up, then sits at about 1000. The last two days, it has been jumping randomly between 2000 and 3000 RPM, which I can't even begin to explain. When I...
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    Idle "Adjustment" Pin & TPS

    So I dorked around with my idle pin a while back, and a few months ago the 92 explorer started running like ass. Tested a bunch of sensors, replaced bad O2 and IAC valve. However, the problem was not 100% fixed. I checked the voltage on my TPS and adjusted the idle pin down so that the TPS read...
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    Manual tranny - sudden jerk when in gear & no gas

    1992 Explorer Sport I don't know if this is normal, but if I didn't know better, I would say that it feels like the IAC valve is suddenly closing. When I am in any gear, if I let off the gas, after a brief amount of time (usually about 15-30 seconds) the vehicle will jerk suddenly and...
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    1991 Escort, Many repairs: Need Advice!

    My girlfriend is the "proud" owner of a 1991 ford escort. I have one major concern, but several repairs on my list. 1) New brakes, rotors and master cylinder The brakes don't engage until about halfway through the throw of the pedal. It also rumbles while engaged. That likely means the master...
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    Oxygen Sensor Question

    I noticed that there are a varying amount of wires available for O2 sensors. How many does my 1992 Sport need?
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    When to reset the ECM

    I was just wondering, what are some common repairs that would warrant resetting the ECM?
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    What are these connectors?

    I have two electrical connectors under the hood on my driver's side and I don't know what they are. One is capped, but the other is not... which disturbs me... The one that isn't capped has a dark green wire with a fat black stripe, and a light blue wire with a thin black stripe. The...
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    Heap of junk with a new IAC valve - bad VSS?

    Was having some issues with misfires last week, pulled codes and decided to replace the IAC valve. Seemed to improve the situation a bit, but didn't fix it. When I was leaving work today, when I shifted into second, it felt like the engine was having an epileptic seizure. Out of frustration...
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    PO452 Error - 1992 Explorer

    Been a while since I posted here, but alas, she's acting up again. Been misfiring at strange times, hard to say exactly what causes it. It either misfires, or feels like it's running lean periodically. Pulled OBD2 code Po452, not sure what it means though. Any ideas? Had the guy at...
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    Overhead Console

    I am replacing the overhead console in my 92 explorer with one out of a 2nd gen. I notice that the wiring harness is the same, but there is an extra set of wires that also plug into somewhere that are not on my first gen explorer. It appears to be a main power, as these wires are solid red and...
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    '92 Clutch replacement / Flywheel Question

    I have replaced my clutch once before, and i have had a difficult time shifting ever since. When I did it i had to get the flywheel shaved 20/1000" and my guess is that is what was causing the problems. Also, the god-awful design of the master/slave system where it must be bench bled. I still...
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    FML Procrastinated, now emergency repair, tire almost fell off

    i have had a popping in my front end for several months now, i assumed it was the front U-Joint, and kept procrastinating fixing it. Well, a front brake pad fell off the other day, when i went to inspect it turns out that the bad joint caused excessive pressure on the wheel studs and one was...
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    new exhaust & clutch, now dying at idle

    i'm not sure what the deal with this one is, but I have kept the old catalytic converters on the rig, and opened up the exhaust to a wider pipe post cat with a glasspack. Replaced the clutch, slave and master cyls, pressure plate and machined the flywheel. Now it dies when i put it into first...
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    Slave not engaging for several seconds

    I recently replaced my clutch, machined the flywheel, and replaced the slave and master cylinders. now it definately shifts better, has more getup and whatnot. However, when sitting at a dead stop, it is a pain in the ass to put it into first gear or reverse for about 5 seconds after pressing...
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    Clutch not moving after replacement

    I replaced the Master Cylinder, Slave Cylinder, Clutch, Pressure Plate and Flywheel during this repair. And now the clutch pedal has NO pressure, and the clutch isn't engaging. I know that bleeding these systems is a pain in the ass, can anybody help me? I already took the master cylinder off...
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    Flywheel Spacer?

    I had my flywheel machined. 20/1000". Should I get a new wheel or should I just space it out? I'm installing it with a spacer so I hope that's what you guys suggest...
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    Disconnect Slave Cylinder? Q's about the mazda 5spd

    I'm doing a clutch job and it has gone from bad to worse. i need to disconnect the slave cylinder but cannot find the tool, any ideas? I got the 1/2" fuel line disconnect tool, but it's too fat to fit into the groove. How do you disconnect it? Also, are the holes in the TOP of the...
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    Bronco II - Explorer Part Swap - Woodgrain Dash & Grill?

    I am an explorer owner, and was looking at an 89 Bronco II EB the other day, and saw that it had a woodgrain dash. I love woodgrain, so i have to swap it into my explorer. It seems to be exactly the same. My understanding is that only the second generation bronco II would work, so I would need...
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    Front end squeak, WTF?

    Im not exactly sure what is causing it, i have a few suspicions. The squeak happens when i accelerate, it's extremely prominent at low rpms. 1. Would my manual hubs cause it? I pulled them the other day and noticed that the large O ring was mostly gone, i haven't replaced it yet, but i need...
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    BFG all terrains in snow?

    i have a '92 explorer sport and am running 31x10x50 bfg all terrain tires on it with stock lift at 35 psi (i think, i havent checked as of late) its my first snow with these tires and they are sucking so far. reviews say they should be doing WAY better than they are, what pressure should i...
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    I need a gas tit for my generator...

    I have built my first HHO generator, and it's ready to install, but i need a mountable gas tit to install in the lid and cannot for the life of me find 1. The wonder people at Lowes and Home Depot were no help, does anybody know where i might be able to get one? preferably not off the internet.
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    CEL after driving for 3-10 minutes, cannot pull code

    I recently pulled my upper and lower intake (which required the removal of the valve covers) and replaced all the gaskets because i was leaking. Well THAT problem is fixed, and it ran perfect for about a week. Now my CEL comes on after driving for 3-10 minutes. I tried to pull the codes and...
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    "new" IAC - Still throwing CEL?

    i replaced my IAC that was causing idle problems, works fine now, however around 10 minutes after starting the engine my CEL still comes on, could the computer still be adjusting to the new readings? I have not been able to pull the codes yet, i haven't had time. Just wondering if there...
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    Danger of Driving Without an IAC?

    I killed my IAC with brakeleen cuz im a retard. Is there any danger to driving without it for a while? Also my idle is screwy, it is anywhere from 500 rpm to 2000 and it is constantly surging like the AC is on, would the IAC cause this? I am getting a CEL, i will pull the codes this week
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    LOW idle at stop, HIGH idle when cruising in neutral...

    I cannot figure this one out, my idle has recently gone to about 500-600 rpms when i first start the car. While driving and if i put it into neutral and let her roll, it shoots to about 2500 and will not go down until i come to a dead stop, then it sits at about 1500 or 500-600, not a lot of...