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    School me on brakes, please

    My 87 B2 (2.9, auto, 4x4) has had some problems recently....about 3 months ago it started running oddly. When it starts up, it's ok. After 15-20 minutes it starts shuddering (especially over 35 mph) to the point of loss of control. The faster you go, the more the shuddering. This goes on...
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    Shaking after 15 mins....

    Hey all.... So I have an 87 Bronco 2, 2.9, which until recently ran great. Lots of miles (around 300,000), has had some work done a couple years ago, but nothing recent. Problem is this: After running for about 20 minutes, the whole truck shakes like it's misfiring, the power brake pedal...
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    Coolest BII you'll ever see!

    Lots of potential....*LOTS* of potential. Have fun ;)....what are you planning to do to/with/for it?
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    Intermittent lefter noise at start up.

    My '87 B2 has had a similar problem, noisy lifter on startup...three years ago it had a hard failure, made me replace it (and the others, "just in case"). Rattle came back after a few thousand miles...this time I didn't ignore it. (LOL--yeah, I had my fingers crossed! :roll: ) The original...
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    Radius arm bushing help--western WA

    Nope. Work takes too much time (not that I'm complaining...) and even if I had time it's beyond my skills and tool set. Like I said in the OP, I'm looking for someone who can do this for me. I can provide cool refreshments, and/or cash. I am going to a nearby mechanic shop on Monday to ask...
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    Radius arm bushing help--western WA

    I have the grade 8 bolts (I have 4 rivets, 2/side; also 2 bolts) Rivets and I don't get along too well...for that matter neither do sledgehammers.:thumbsup: :D And since this is my daily driver I don't want to delay repairs due to my inexperience.
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    Radius arm bushing help--western WA

    I've got an 87 B2 that desperately needs radius arm bushings. Can't really afford full-shop prices, anyone here a DITY'er with the tools/experience? I looked at it, and think it's beyond my abilities and tools....I'm in the Everett area, north of Seattle. Thanks!
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    89 BII runs and quits.. Replaced everything (?)

    I hate intermittent electrical problems....:roll: Feels good when they're fixed tho....:)
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    Ricks Bronco: 1and 1/2

    Al original, that one. "Un-thought of" because it wasn't part of some grand mod plan, you just look at your stuff one day and say "Golly, what if...?" and then get the sawz-all out.... :thumbsup:
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    Ricks Bronco: 1and 1/2

    Truck looks great! More and more unthought-of mods happening... A suggestion, prompted by the quote: On a certain gun board I'm on, they have what are called "dinner pics". Pic shows a home-made dinner, gun, mag, knife, and some kind of adult beverage. What'cha think about a dinner pic...
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    front driveshaft question

    Mine only has one weight, near the aft end. My guess is that each DS is individually balanced, not necessarily "matched" front-and-rear....should work either way.
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    To but/not to buy, pointers and opinions

    My B2 is running strong at 250k. Nothin' wrong with the B2 truck, just some people gotta have a ricer-truck or über-lifted nonsense...imho For noisy lifters, try this product (Lucas Oil Stabilizer) My B2 has one noisy lifter (#2 cylinder) that failed twice until I put this in...about 10k...
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    Timing at 16^BTDC and...

    Yes, did that.
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    Timing at 16^BTDC and... runs pretty well. Consider: 1987 B2, 2.9l, timing mark physically checked for TDC, and has a white mark showing 10^BTDC... Set the timing there as per both maintenance books and several web sites, truck runs OK until ~35, then gets gutless. Re-set the timing so it's at 16^BTDC and...
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    How rare?

    Don't know about the rarity of the "XL" designation... I've never seen a lift up rear glass on a B2 of any year, any option package...that suggests to me that it's rare... About half the B2s I've seen have an external spare (or provisions for one; like the owner took it off)...Not too rare...
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    Why to never buy bosch plugs EVER!

    So you're saying that we should never ever buy Bosch plugs because...of what? A single plug failure? Out of how many millions? How do they rate compared to any other brand?
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    87 Bronco II lift kit, bushings, etc.

    Thanks! Do the bolts need to be hardened (with 6 lines on the head etc) or anything? I saw the rivets and thought...oh gaaaawwdd....I hope there's an easier way! :( Oh well, gotta get 'er done...:cool:
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    87 Bronco II lift kit, bushings, etc.

    I ordered a set of radius arm bushings, mine look pretty beat up... Before I ordered, I took a quick look at how they're on the looked like all I had to do was undo the nut holding the radius arm, slide the shaft away from the crossmember and install the new bushings... But the...
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    87 Bronco II lift kit, bushings, etc.

    Also, can anyone describe (or have pics) the differences between stock body bushings, 2", and 3"? I'm probably going to just go stock, but what advantages does a higher body lift have? (Especially a 2"?) More ground clearance for body parts, easier to install a 4.0...looks cooler ;) , etc...
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    87 Bronco II lift kit, bushings, etc.

    Link please? eta: Found it! Thanks! Not much info on r & R'ing the bushings I'm looking at...I might have to turn this into a "look what I done all by myself" thread....:D
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    87 Bronco II lift kit, bushings, etc.

    So I was looking under my 87 B2 and have decided it's time to replace the various bushings found there... How's the kits from these guys? Anyone have any tips/pointers/threads I could read? (I did a couple of searches but didn't find anything about R and R'ing these things) Thanks!
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    Water issues? Electrical...?

    Maybe got some water/mud/itty bitty debris in the fuel injector(s)?
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    Ford 2.9 head bolts...

    T55 Torx socket, preferably 1/2" drive
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    need need

    So your 2 yo doesn't have a seat belt? Dude--ditch the 4x4 and get a real car, one that is appropriate for your responsibilities.
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    Ultimate Garage

    Turret on a corner, with battlements at the top...overlooking a patio with outdoor BBQ and sundry accoutrements... :party: I'd still have a high(er) ceiling, enough to turn long assemblies end-over-end. Plus, then you can put a wagon-wheel chandelier in a corner for ambiance!