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    03 Explorer heat not working well

    Lately my heater isn't blowing as hot as it usually does. I've also noticed that my temp gauge won't even get to halfway after 30+ min of highway driving. The gauge doesn't move or fluctuate at all, gets to the first line and stays there. Coolant level seems fine, could this be a thermostat? Or...
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    03 heater cools during idle

    I've checked coolant level which seems to be fine, and my temperature gauge doesn't fluctuate at all. Is this more likely a heater core issue, or a water pump issue?
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    Message where my odometer and compass are

    Simply put, a few days ago i noticed a small message next to where my compass is in my 03. Next the the direction letter, in smaller letters is "CAL". Has anybody else seen this and what does it mean?
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    Just a heads up to all 03 owners

    The next time you guys have either of your front tires off, or if you're doing the brakes, take a good look at the brake hose that connects at the top of the wheel well and runs down and connects at the side of the caliper. Both of mine burst within 3 months of each other, and makes the drive...
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    Stuck fuel filter 03 xlt

    As the title says my fuel filter is stuck on the line. I've tried every tool imaginable multiple time to no avail. In the event it will not come off, can just the quick disconnect be removed and replaced, or does the whole line have to go? And if the whole line has to go, has anyone ever done...
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    3rd gen steering wheel replacement?

    My steering wheel is starting to get torn up from 10+ years of use and abuse finally. Who here has replaced theirs? Are most steering wheels universal? The '13 ex steering wheel is pretty sweet looking, would that be possible to put on an 03?
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    Removed broken fresh air door, question about air inlet

    As the title says, i removed the broken door to get my air flow back. I've also read that covering the hole inside the outer dash will stop air from coming inside the vehicle. My question is, if i were to fill that void with something like spray insulation, does anybody see any problems arising...
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    Loud whining noise from under hood 03 ex

    When I go to accelerate, there is a LOUD whining noise coming from under the hood of the car, strange thing is that it only happens when the a/c is on. Anybody have this happen? The compressor still runs, and my air is ice cold so I'm hoping its not the compressor since its only a year old.
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    03 explorer, front vent issues

    Only the passenger half of my 4 front vents blow ice cold as soon as I turn the air on, the driver side blow kind of cold, but not near the passenger. I replaced the compressor, accumulator, and orifice tube at the end of summer last year, haven't really used the a/c since then. Anybody...
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    03 Explorer, heater problem

    I live in Arizona, so obviously we don't need our heaters very much. It's now cold enough to use them, so i turned mine on, but my defroster and dash vents blow warm air, not really what i call hot. But, my floor vents blow super hot air, just like my dash used to. I replaced the actuator motor...