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    For those of us who use gas...

    GAS WAR - an idea that WILL work > > This was originally sent by a retired Coca Cola > executive It came from one of his engineer buddies > who retired from Halliburton. It's worth your > consideration. > > Join the resistance!!!! I hear we are going to > hit close to $ 4.00 a gallon by...
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    Check oil light on?

    Just a quick question. If this has been covered before, i apologize and ask for someone to give me a link to that thread. The check oil light has been coming on every once in a while since it has gotten cold outside. It only comes on from when i start up the X, (not while its already on)...
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    Rattle in steering column. Any ideas?

    Hey guys. I have noticed lately that there is increasing noise coming from my steering column. It is a low rattle noise that i can't seem to identify. I have looked over all the plastic pieces near the column and they are as loose as a 10+ year car should be, however they don't seem to be the...
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    Does anyone here Mountain Bike?

    So, i thought it would be cool to see how many people on this board also share a love for a different kind of trail. :) What kind of biking do you do and what kind of bike/setup do you have? Anything serious or just weekend warrior type stuff? Do you like the trails around where you live...
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    Hope everyone is safe in Hurricane country!

    I have been hearing quite a bit about the hurricane the last few days. This is just going out to all those members who are being displaced or affected by the storm. I hope everyone is safe and dry down that way. This is from eveyone, (i'm sure ;) ) to a safe and fortunate next couple of...
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    Where's the AC Relay on a 1st Gen?

    Hey guys, just like the title i need to find out where the AC Relay is on a 1st gen. I am putting in the Black Magic 150 Fan in the X, and i can't seem to find the AC Relay. I Have looked both in Chiltons and the owners manual at the fuse diagrams and the under hood distrubution box. Now, i...
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    Hurst shifter installed, now grinding noise!

    Hey guys, i just got done installing the Hurst short shifter for our trucks. The product is very high quality and i'm liking it quite well. The only problem is that there is now quite a bit of noise, (not that loud though) coming from the shift boot. I can hear a slight metal on metal...
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    Back piece of tupperware same?

    My question is this: Is the very back piece of plastic trim on the rear quarter panel on the bottomthe same for four doors and two doors? I need to replace this piece on my 2 door and would like the look of the slightly chromed piece off 4 doors. Just wondering if this will work. Thanks
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    Anyone use Nology Hot Wirez?

    Has any one used these? My truck needs new plugs and wires and i came across this product at The page claims that there will be a 5-10% increase in power. I am wondering whether or not there is any truth in that statement. Would they be worth the $176? Just my...
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    Skid plate for a first gen?

    Has anyone custom made a functional skid plate for a first gen? If so did it cover the front pumpkin or just the steering/suspension components? What were the lower mounting points used? Did it connect to the frame with the lower mounts? What thickness of plate did you use? What kind of...
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    Back pressure?

    I've seen a few times in threads about different exhaust setups that having piping that is too large (like 2.5"?) will cause you to lose backpressure and there fore performance. I was wondeirng exactly what kind of loss of performance this will cause. I'm primarily looking for better gas...
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    Gear question

    I am planning on putting 31 in tires on my X and have a quick question about gearing. I have heard that taller gearing helps with gas mileage. I'm not sure about this. Putting bigger tires on makes the overall gearing taller, right? Then why does putting larger tires on a truck make gas...
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    KKM installed; terrible gas mileage

    Hey guys, i just installed my KKM intake the other day and since then i have been getting terrible gas mileage. I have been driving consirvativley(sp?). I have not revved high or put my foot into the throttle at all. I was under the impression that i would get better gas mileage doing this...
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    Backspacing vs offset

    Excuse me guys for being a retard :rolleyes: but i,ve never really worked with wheels or tires. I have a couple of questions. What is the difference between backspacing and offset? (I've seen offset on Also, how does backspacing work? Is it that the smaller backspacing...
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    Northern Arizona summer run

    If there is anyone in northern arizona who wants to go for a couple of runs this summer, let's hear. I'm fairly new to wheeling and do not have any goodies on my truck as of yet :mad: , but i'd still like to go on some easy runs this summer season. let's set something up. :thumbsup:
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    James duff coil bucket/ dual shock mount

    I was thinking about going with a skyjacker 2" lift for my 92 sport. i was online the other day and saw these James Duff dual shock/coil buckets for explorers. I was wondering whether or not anyone has used these James Duff buckets. If so, what quality are they and would they work with the...
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    2" suspinsion lift?

    Hey guys, I'm kind of new to the off-road thing so i could really use some help. I have a 2 door 4wd explorer sport with a 5 speed manual. I'm looking for a 2-3 inch suspinsion lift that does not use blocks, but replaces the springs (front and rear) with heavier duty springs. Also, i would...