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    ST SUV Experience Driving Program

    Cannot wait for this experience!
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    Adaptive Cruise Control/Brake Charge Hum

    My 2016 Explorer Sport with ACC makes the same sound going down a gentle hill. I assume it's the sound of the ACC working. I have only had one other vehicle that braked itself going down hill using cruise control just like my Explorer. Please do let us know.
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    Great Ford Dealerships

    Ford of Kirkland! We've purchased 6 new Fords from Ford of Kirkland between 2013 - 2015! Very professional team that is a joy to work with. The following team members were instrumental in all of our purchases. Sales Manager - Hamid Finance Manager - Kyle Sales Associate - Rodney
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    New guy that loves his Fords!

    Hi everyone, I just bought a new 2015 Ford Edge Sport AWD and new 2016 Ford Explorer Sport. I will get some picks up later (it's raining here in the PNW). The 2016 Ford Explorer Sport and 2015 Ford Edge Sport AWD are the nicest Fords I've owned to date. The Explorer is Shadow Black, 401A...