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    Need Advice - No Reverse - 1999 4.0L SOHC

    Thought I would post this here in the Transmission forum also - Primarily use the 2nd Gen Stock forum. Need some advice. Our Car Care ministry has had a 1999 XLT 4.0L SOHC, 2WD, with about 168K miles donated to us. (We accept donor cars, inspect them, make repairs to make them safe and...
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    1999 XLT - No Reverse - Need Some Advice

    Need some advice. Our Car Care ministry has had a 1999 XLT 4.0L SOHC, 2WD, with about 168K miles donated to us. (We accept donor cars, inspect them, make repairs to make them safe and reliable, then give them away.) Donor says it runs fine except that it won't move in reverse. I'll pick it up...
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    Milestone Photo

    I had to take a pic and post when I turned 300K miles! This has become my everyday "work" vehicle, as I keep all my tools for working at our church Car Care ministry facility - since retirement I'm there most every day. I bought this truck used with 28K miles on it; biggest repair had...
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    Blend Door - 97 EB w EATC

    Does anyone know of a source for a plenum mounted temperature blend door for the EATC? Ford wants $175!! The Dorman kit 902-202 says it's for Manual systems only. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Message Center Weirdness

    I have owned my 1997 EB for almost all it's life (purchased w 29K miles; now has 298K). Climbed in and turned on ignition and got a first ever message center warning that said something like "Air Ride Disabled." Only trouble is - the vehicle does not have and never has had any kind of air...
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    EGR Valve and Tube Removal - 5.0L

    I have a P0401 EGR Insufficient Flow code. I can see the EGR and related hoses, devices and EGR tube, but it looks like a bear to get to - the AC box at the passenger side rear of the engine bay seems to block access to turn a wrench on the nuts on either end of the EGR tube. The bolts holding...
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    ABS Light On - Need Some Advice

    Usually on the Gen 2 from for my 97 5.0 EB, but working on a '93 XLT for our church Car Care ministry. Vehicles are donated to ministry; we fix them up and give them to folks in need. The Explorer is a 1993 XLT, 4.0 OHV with about 125K miles; it has been sitting for a couple of years. I...
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    Help!! - Stuck on Timing Chain Cover

    '97 5.0 2WD EB; 285K miles: I have finally decided to fix the coolant leak in my TC cover. I have access to a lift, air tools, etc so thought my buddy and I could do it. Job has gone OK until now. We have the TC cover off - were dropping the oil pan per shop manual. however - we are STUCK...
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    Help Resetting Catalyst Monitor

    Edit: Never mind - my mechanic just told me that here in GA a '97 can have up to two monitors not complete and still pass!! I just got a P0430 code (Catalyst Over Threshold); this happens every year or two and I usually just reset it using my code reader and everything is fine. However, this...
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    AC Compressor Will Not Run

    97 Explorer; 5.0L 2WD; 260K miles. AC was fine, then suddenly stopped cooling one day. Put system on Max AC; compressor does not start. I have done some troubleshooting already. Cheepo gauge on low side port shows about 80-90 PSI with compressor not running. I have jumpered the AC...
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    Where EXACTLY is AC WOT Relay

    I have searched and found many reference to the AC WOT Relay being in the relay box on the driver's side of the engine compartment. However, there are several relays in the box, and the cover just says Relay 1, Relay 2, etc. Can anyone help me out and tell me WHICH relay it is?? Thanks in...
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    ?Sunroof Drain Location?

    Does anyone know where the driver's side front sunroof drain tube comes out under the vehicle?? I recently replaced the left front fender and then the next time it rained hard I had water driping on my head - which has NEVER happened before. Wonder if I somehow messed up the drain tube without...
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    Help re Hood Replacement - White 97 EB

    I need to replace the hood on my white 1997 EB; I plan to use JY part. I assume that I can use the hood from any white 1995-1999 Explorer. It does NOT have to be an EB, correct?? Can I use the hood from a Sport of the same vintage?? Thanks in Advance!
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    Wanted Left Front Fender and Hood, 97EB, White/Gold

    Looking for a left front (driver's side) fender and a hood for a '97 EB. White; fender w gold EB trim; V8 badging a plus. Close to Atlanta GA.
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    Wanted Parts for 97 EB

    Need some parts (97 EB): - Cruise control on/off switch (left side of steering wheel); illumination must work; would like it to include wiring and far end plug. - Drivers side rear door latch assembly (assumes I will be able to get door open, as suddenly neither inside nor outside handle...
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    Suddenly Losing Oil

    OK - need to call on the braintrust. 97 EB 2WD 5.0L; occasional driver, now w 242K miles. All of the sudden, I am needing to add a quart of oil every 300-400 miles. Until now, maybe added 1 qt between oil changes (every 5k miles). I don't see any smoke when driving, and no oil on driveway or...
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    How Do You Get Rockauto Discount?

    Read somewhere hear that forum members get a 5% discount with rockauto. How does one actually get it??
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    Fluid for L/S differential?

    '97 5.0 2WD EB; 238K miles. Working fine, but I am planning to replace the fluid in the differential for the first time. Axle code is D4, which says it is limited slip. Have searched the threads, but am unclear as to the need to add "friction modifier" to "75W149 Mobil1 Synthetic LS"...
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    Power Lock Issue

    97 EB 5.0 2WD - Driver's side power door lock switch locks but does not unlock doors. Pass side works fine, as does keypad and remote. At 6'4" I can reach across to pass side, but munchkin wife can't. Replaced driver's side lock switch but no joy. Suggestions for next steps?? Thanks in...
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    Just found this site. I have a 97 V8 Eddie Bauer w 235K miles. Hope this site is as useful as the Nissan one I have used for several months.