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    Issue I'm very confused by.. misfiring in 4th/5th gear.

    My Explorer's fuel gauge doesnt work, and I plan to replace the fuel pump soon. Because the fuel gauge doesn't work, I've probably ran the truck out of gas at least 10 times since I've owned it in the past year. Its a good fuel pump... Anyways, I thought it was dying recently because I got...
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    Replaced clutch, bled system. No shift

    I recently replaced my clutch, pressure plate, and slave. I got it somewhat bled, although it was softer then it was before I did the clutch. I could still shift, but it was still a little difficult at times. I assumed it was because the system wasn't bled yet and drove it, planning to...
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    Clunk in 4WD and clunk in 2WD

    I have clunking going on everywhere. Its 2 different clunks though and I think they're completely unrelated. I'm new to 4WD, as this is my first 4WD vehicle. I've seen people mention 4WD should not bind in gravel and I would think dry grass would be alright too although I'm not sure. I get...