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    Anyone have an idea on this rattle noise?

    2.0 13 xlt It's always made this rattle noise since I've had it..bone stock at 93k miles(now 96k with a little extra)..I just assumed it was a heat shield so never paid too much mind to it...ive re done the exhaust while I was replacing the flex connector hoping that was the rattle.., I've...
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    Cold Air intakes for the 2.0...will 3.5 ones interchange with them?

    Description basically says it, Ive seen many posts about 3.5 intakes and all but cannot find any posts about the I apologize in advance if there was already a thread discussing it..I swear Ive searched..I know theres two intakes out there that specifically made by K&N and AEM but I see...
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    Explorer engine bay diagram/display 2.0 eco, 13

    I apologise if this has been posted already..but I have searched and cannot find basically looking for a stock motor diagram, labeling everything in the bay, if anyone can help I'd be much appreciated...please and thank you.