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    regeared vibration

    i just re geared my 99 to 4.10 and now it vibrates at around 30mph+ and when i let off the gas it does again. not a crazy violent vibration but enough to scare me. ive been told u joints pinion or wrong holes on yoke and im gonna do that now just wanted to see if someone else had this happen and...
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    Wharton offroad run sunday the 12th

    prolley gonna be a pretty small turn out for now its just me and dave but more are welcome if you want to go it'll be raining so get set to get wet and let me know so we can set a meet spot. most likely meet in morning around 10 but everyone let me know.:salute:
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    home making an auxillary switch panel

    I'm starting to build my own water resistant switch box for my 5 switches i have in my truck. I have front KC daylighters, side fog lights, front strobe lights, back strobe lights and my BWM switch. I also have my amp hooked to a switch but I like where that is so it stays. First off is the...
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    trail run to wharton state forest on sunday the 16th at noon

    I know we were talking about it in another thread ( ) but I figured maybe the little response was because its titled in long island haha so I'm throwin this post up to hopefully catch some eyes so we get as many people to...
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    explorer 911!!!!!!!! =[

    :thumbdwn: my ex has 8.8" rear (supposedly) and my pinion seal went on it the other day so i go to pepboys they order it and i get it today tear my shaft off and get old one out (ripped bad) and put new one in .... only one problem new one doesnt fit so i quickly run back with new one and old...
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    East coast group run anyone?

    Imma try and get a nice sized group going for a run somewhere in upper east coast prolley out of PA (since jersey offroad sucks). I'd like to know if anyone would be interested in going Idk when or where exactly I'm just trying to get an idea wether or not people would go. :thumbsup: