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    2020 PIU Obnoxious rattle - Underbody deflector

    So I've been reading a lot about various rattles but this one I chased and thought I'd post the journey.... Had an annoying rattle coming from the B Piller/Door jamb area of the passengers side. Symptoms: Constant at any speed above 50 more pronounced in high wind unaffected by temperature...
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    Wheel Shocker: 2020 OEM Steelie costs....

    So can anyone riddle me what changed to cause the stock OEM steelie wheel to be $489 my price ($530 retail) as compared to $90 previous gen? We've gone through 3 already and my agency routinely destroys wheels at a fever pace.... -Dave
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    Adding Sirius SAT? Got my 2020 PIU with Sync

    SO it wasn't easy but I got my PIU with Sync WITHOUT getting the Interior Upgrade Package by ordering the 12.1" integrated touch screen. So It has the AppLink and the FordPass features and I can even lock it/unlock it and start it from anywhere via the InterTubes...... Adding Sirius to my...
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    PIU With Rear door disable - also disabled the lift gate!?

    Got my 2020 PIU which has the "ready for the road" Ford wisdom, this option includes the rear door hardware delete which I can live with but.......what's new to me is that it also has appeared to disable the rear hatch power switch so you can only open the hatch with the...
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    New Option 54E 12.1" touchscreen in PIU Order Guide

    I noticed this in the latest Order Guide for the PIU (6/24): 54E 12.1” Integrated Computer Screen • Includes 12.1” touchscreen display in center stack and allows for operation of laptop in remote location to free up cabin space in front passenger area • Includes Audio Video Extender (AVX)...
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    2020 PIU 3.0 Ecoboost Ordered

    4/8/19 - Spec'ed - Arizona Beige! 4/12/2019 - Ordered 5/5/2019 - Ordered - Clean set for "F4" (June 3rd week 6/7/2019 - Pushed to G1 (August first week) 6/14/2019 - Got VIN 1FM5K8AC1LGA55703 6/27/2019 - Choosing a console. Got exhausted. Slept. 6/28/2019 - Inquired about new option 54E...
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    2014 Police Intercentor (HD Calipers) Torque Specification handy?

    Anyone have the Helm guide handy Mine is missing. Need torque specs for: wheel hub to steering knuckle bolts (4 bolts) (and isn't there a recommended tightening pattern?) Caliper bracket (2 bolts) PM or post is great. -Dave 2014 Police Utility EcoBoost
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    Got a build week F4 - but still unscheduled/clean. Isnt thatthis week!?

    I ordered my Explorer and it got a build week of F4. Is that this week or are there delays from the recall parts issues? -Hardware
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    Police Utility Option 422 & CA Emissons

    Greetings from California.... Land of so much bureaucracy when it comes to emissions. I am looking at a 2013 Police Utility that was damaged pre delivery and repaired - now being sold. It does not have Option 422 - CA emissions, so unless it had 7500 miles on it BEFORE it enters the...