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  1. J

    door ajar buzzer and horn

    I used penetration oil on all my latches because the horn alarm would sound in the middle of the night or day it thought someone opened the door . It was so annoying also hated leaving it unlocked so the alarm doesn't didn't go off .I also thought I had a broken wire too but I didn't I sprayed...
  2. J

    Rear Glass Hatch Latch 2002 Explorer

    I just used two bolts and two medal wasters and two rubber washers from Home Depot works great no problems here. Didn't go crazy with replacing the plate . I use the glass door a lot too no issues here.
  3. J

    mistereous clunck sound when stay on a hot.....

    I get this sound also I have no clue what it is also never effects anything so i never paid no mind to it maybe its the gearbox for 4x4 ? who knows. To me it's like a thud sound when I first heard it I thought an animal was stuck in by the engine.
  4. J

    Seat memory position buttons not working

    Hello everyone maybe you can help me out on my 2002 Eddie Bauer the driver's seat memory position buttons stop working about a year or two ago. I never really mind that they quit on me only used it when i cleaned my explorer so the seat would go all the way forward .but I was wondering does...
  5. J

    What happened to my steering wheel?

    My 2002 Eddie Bauer has a leather steering wheel . I think only Eddie Bauer's & Limited model's only has it .
  6. J

    How do I tell what rear end I have (gears AND manufacturer)

    OffTopic I've happen to be on the ford recall website I entered your vin. I just wanted to give you a heads up you have open Recall on your Explorer for the Speed Control System . Might wanna get that fix @ ford it's free your explorer might catch on fire this recall should be fixed a.s.a.p.
  7. J

    Troublesome 2002 4.0, hitting brick wall at 4200rpm

    Got my 02 to 5,000 rpm few times getting onto highways
  8. J

    Lift gate glass opens on its own and rear wheels slip easily

    My rear glass door use to do that i also had to slam it to make it latch close. Did you ever get that recall done for the hinges? After Ford fixed mine the rear door stopped popping open on its own and I didn't have to slam it shut no more.
  9. J

    02 Ford Explorer Rear End Noise

    I get clunking sound when I hit a bump or speed hump but its both toe links & my rear upper ball joints rubber boots are torn But I'm thinking the clucking is coming from the toe links both rear tires have no play at all.
  10. J

    2005 Explorer mystery beep... any clue?

    Do you have that progressive snapshot? I had it that thing beeped sometimes . I also don't recommend it at all because it destroyed one of my O2 sensors also read online people had the same problem with it.
  11. J

    Broken rear spring: what's the risk of postpoing replacement?

    Don't wait to long it worn out my both upper rear control arm ball joints and both toe links on mine from the broken springs had mine replaced two years ago with quickstruts now I get a loud clunk / tap sound when I hit a bump
  12. J

    Need Clarification on REAR DIFFERENTIAL OIL CHANGE

    I was thinking about changing mine also I'm sure it was never been changed my Axle code is D4 does anyone knows what type of axle it is?
  13. J

    Front Quick Strut Install

    I have quick struts in the rear on my explorer installed two years ago there already rusted pretty bad.
  14. J

    Rear upper control Arm brands? sells them used for the pair is about $150 I need to replace both my rear upper control arms also if I do it I'm getting them used from this place. My toe links are bad too I believe when my springs in the rear were broken I think caused the toe links and ball joints wear and...
  15. J

    pillar post?

    There also sold on amazon
  16. J

    How do I turn off the auto tint on my rear view on my 02 limited

    Also the rear view mirror has an ambient light sensor should'nt tint during the daytime. To test it just cover it up sensor on the other side of the mirror you will see it tint.
  17. J

    Cabin Light stays on. Not door ajar sensor

    Is the dimmer switch for the dash lights pushed all the way up? That will turn all the dome lights on.
  18. J

    How do I turn off the auto tint on my rear view on my 02 limited

    It's a button sorry about that. Doesn't bother me I just leave it on . On my mothers 06 taurus there no button at all ! At least we have the option to turn it off
  19. J

    How do I turn off the auto tint on my rear view on my 02 limited

    My 02 Eddie Bauer has a switch to turn it off on the front bottom of the rear view mirror
  20. J

    Factory radios replacement with aftermarket Kenwood. sells the adapter .
  21. J

    my check engine light flashes off and on and my truck wont accelerate when it is on

    Flashing Check engine light means it's misfiring happen to mine few years ago I changed my spark plugs one had a crack which at the time i didnt see it and i got the flashing CEL light.
  22. J

    Which tires are good for 2002 Explorer?

    Just got Firestone Destination LE's on my 02 Eddie Bauer . Idiots at tires plus also put the wrong size on they are 255/70R16 should be 245/70R16.
  23. J

    Broken visor

    . eBay