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    Sudden crank no-start last night

    I drove half a block to help a neighbor last night and tried to drive home... crank but no start. 1/3+ tank of gas, good battery, no previous problems for over a year. This morning I bridged the test connector and checked the codes. 111, 111, 111. All good. Had my brother listen at the tank and...
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    MAF Sensor intermittent failure

    I have been experiencing random stutters. They usually lasted a fraction of a second to 1 second long and were like I lost a cylinder. Checking plug wires found no problems and checking connectors and vacuum lines turned up nothing. There might be none in a 2 hour trip or 5 in a ten minute...
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    Why, Why, Why...

    Rant Mode - On So many times when we see a post about rough running or other similar problems the first post includes a list, sometimes quite long, of all the parts that have been replaced trying to fix the problem. It's good that they include it, but am I the only cheap bastard that owns an...
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    Giving Up

    I'm tired of chasing posts around the forum. This used to be a friendly, helpful forum for the well known foibles of the first-gen Explorers. You know, the pre-OBD2 non SOHC models. Thanks to our moderator I can respond to someone and then the OP is gone, down to Engine or Transmission or some...
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    I Love my Oak Tree but...

    I have a beautiful Naval Oak in my front yard that spans about 100 feet. I love it and it provides lots of shade. It also produces lots hard, slippery leaves that love to sneak past the wiper shafts and into the cowl. From there the get into the heater box and into the heater resister which...
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    Questions about the 5 speed transmission

    Several months back I replaced my bad manual transmission with a good used transmission. I took the time to clean and inspect it inside and out, replace all seals and shifter bushings and reseal the top cover and the tail-shaft housing including installing the three brass plugs. When I...
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    AC Chart wanted

    Looking for the Pressure/Temperature chart for a 94 sport with front AC only. System is factory r-134a and my low side readings are lower than the standard chart pressures. I have the grey orifice and it had a grey one when I purchased the truck. I know some Explorers used a red orifice and...
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    Clutch suddenly quit

    Driving home from church my truck went from having a great working clutch to the pedal going to the floor. Five or six rapid pumps and I had enough to shift gears. If I let the pedal all the way up I lost all pressure. The reservoir is full and I can see no leaks. looking under the dash...
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    1991 wires with no connector

    Working on a 1991 explorer XLT 4 door automatic. In front of the master cylinder on the inner fender is a 3 wire bundle headed down towards the starter/block area. The wire colors are brown/white stripe, brown/yellow stripe, and black. The brown was hard to see and might have been purplish...
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    Air Intake Hose

    Anyone have a source for the rubber ends on the intake tube? Later models are one piece molded rubber so they won't work. The plastic tube is fine on mine but the boot at the throttle body is shot. The whole tube is available but not exactly cheap...
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    Question about electrical connector

    I noticed an electrical connector on the radiator support beside the radiator cap. It has a cap on it protecting the connections. Was this for a factory fog light option? Thanks
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    Question about manual transmission

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    Delayed starting

    My Explorer had a problem for a while where sometimes the engine turn over was delayed by up to 2 seconds. Battery voltage was good, lights were only dimming a normal amount when starting, there seemed to be no reason why. The solenoid on the fender was thumping every time the key was turned...
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    Hey natenkiki2004, Injectors!

    Just wondering how the 4 hole injectors are doing and if they have affected your mileage any.
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    Replacement Headlights

    My headlights are still fogging after my attempts to seal them. The previous owner drilled holes in the front lower corners... of the LENSES!!!??? :eek: Are there any Good aftermarket or Bad aftermarket replacements? To look for or look out for.
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    Camshaft Synchronizer timing question

    I am about 2 months into my ownership of a '94 Explorer and I am almost done with repairs and maintenance. I recently replaced my worn and expensive synchro with one from a '96 in excellent condition. Not having a timing cap, I used the 26 degree ATDC method to set the timing. My question is...
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    96 Camshaft Synchronizer sucessfuly installed in my 94

    I've been having a constant CM code 214, camshaft synchronizer, since purchasing my Explorer. Not wanting to pay 190+ dollars for the part I did my research and found the 96-98 is the same inside the block, but offered in two shaft lengths, 123mm and 132mm. The 96-98 synchro with 123mm shaft...
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    Camshaft Synchronizers

    I have a 1994 Explorer with the windowed Syncro unit. I wondered if the later model with the straight connector had the same spec Hall Effect unit inside and if the interrupter on the end of the shaft was the same shape. I know some of the interrupters are a semi-circle and some are a small...