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    JLT Oil Separator - 2.3L

    Yes I would add one now. Here is the link Search Result
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    JLT Oil Separator - 2.3L

    Did my first oil change at 5k miles. Catch can was on for approximately 3500 miles. The can is 6 ounces, I had about 3 ounces in the can. That is about the same amount collected by my other Ford vehicles with the JLT catch can. I think it’s a must have for a DI turbo motor.
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    Prices Paid for Explorer (6th Generation Only)

    We purchased our 21 XLT Infinite Blue, tow package MSRP was 42k. Our was a loaner vehicle with dealership with 1300 miles, we paid 34k for the vehicle, plus TTL, added 100k mile warranty.
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    JLT Oil Separator - 2.3L

    I’ve always ran their catch cans except my 19 Fiesta ST. They didn’t have a car to fit for it and I was too far away. I’m glad you were close enough.
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    JLT Oil Separator - 2.3L

    Not sure why it was moved? I have an XLT not an ST. I don’t think 2.3 owners will be looking here for information.
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    JLT Oil Separator - 2.3L

    21 Explorer XLT 4wd. Forgot to post but had the vehicle 2 weeks. Last week added a JLT catch can on it. Install is not difficult watch the YouTube video on install. This is a mod I recommend on any vehicle, especially a forced induction engine with direct injection. Factory setup allows oil...
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    XLT 200A or 202A

    I got the 202a package. The seats are quality as others said no lumbar. Secret tip an interior guy taught me is add a cap full of baby oil to your leather conditioner, it will absorb better and make the seats softer and easier to clean. Leather to me is easier to maintain and feels better. The...
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    New 21 owner in SW OH

    Thanks for the add folks. Longtime loyal Ford owner in SW Ohio. Just got a 21 Explorer XLT 4wd 202a in Infinite Blue. Traded in a 19 Escape that was a revolving door at the dealership with coolant usage, engine replacement. We had a 10 Flex before that we loved and gave it our oldest son. The...