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    anti*commander's explorer

    dude, i dont know who told you that poping off the needle and driving by a radar gun is a good way to recalibrate the speedo, but whoever it was is an idiot. lets just say for instance that you were driving by the radar gun at 55 mph, and when you hit that speed, you popped the needle on so that...
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    add-a-leaf question!!!

    Why exactly won't it work with a monoleaf? That may sound like a dumb question, but every other vehicle I've had in the past I've lowered, so this is going to be my first attempt at lifting a vehicle. Thanks for the help.
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    add-a-leaf question!!!

    I have a '97 2 door that i'm looking to do an add-a-leaf to. I bought this kit here: Can I still use this kit on a 2 door? I just read on another explorer site that add-a-leafs don't work on 2...
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    Front Push bar/safari bar

    BEENWRONG2002, where did you get that push bar? That is exactly what I've been looking for for my '97 sport. A link to hte site would be great cause I searched on google for the go-rhino push bar and came up with nothing.
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    Grill / Brush guard reccomendations

    If i were you i would try looking at They have pretty much anything you can think of for any car or truck out there, and any order you place over $50 has free shipping. I know they sell westin grill guards too. It's just a matter of finding the one that you want.
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    Possible wheel and tire problem

    okay, this may be a dumb questions but i searched for an answer and couldn't come up with anything. On my '97 sport, i have the wheels that most explorers of that year have. I believe the easiest way to describe them withoug a picture is to say that they look like they have 5 deer foot-prints...
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    Need Help Asap!!! Urgent!!!

    okay, i haven't had the time to check the codes again, but i figured out that it is a vacuum leak. the only problem is that i'm not sure where the leak is. I diagnosed it by starting the engine and basically spraying carb cleaner around the intake manifold until the engine RPMs went up. when the...
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    Need Help Asap!!! Urgent!!!

    well i work at a dealership so checking the codes shouldn't be a problem, other than the fact that i just went out and idsconnected the battery again for a while to see if that would help, so the CEL isn't on right now so from what i understand there won't be any codes that show up. But when it...
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    Need Help Asap!!! Urgent!!!

    I have the OHV motor. I actually have only spent about $200 in all for what i've done so far. The uper intake gaskets were only like $25, the intake I still had from my old explorer, and the headers I got on ebay for $126 bucks shipped, and the mechanic I had install the headers and the intake...
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    Need Help Asap!!! Urgent!!!

    Okay guys, i'm really worried about my explorer. Here's the deal. I bought it about a month ago. It's a '97 sport 4x4 manual with around 145xxx miles. When I bought it the CEL was on, and I had it diagnosed befotre signing any papers of course. It was just a lean code which the mechanic said is...
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    Adjustable shackle set help/question

    not trying to be a forum idiot or anything, but the search function on this site doesn't work properly when i'm at work because of the proxy we have here, so does anyone have a link to where i can get a set of the warrior shackles?
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    Adjustable shackle set help/question

    I found a set of adjustable shackles at for $40. I was wondering if anyone has used these, or whether or not you would recomend using them. Here is the link to what I am talking about:,NONAPP2249/store,/shopping/accessoryProductDetail.htm Thank you for...
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    what exactly is needed to......

    hey guys, i'm at work right now and only have a limited amount to computer time, so i don't have a chance to search, and need to get some info ASAP. I have a '97 sport 4x4 with just the little dinky plastic fender flares, and I am looking to buy a set of the wider grey painted fender flares for...
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    4.0 OHV intake question

    so do you think it would work then. i can do some simple modifications to make it sit where it needs to be. i put an intake on the focus i had, and there was a whole lot of crap i had to do to make it fit right so that won't be a problem. i'm just wanting to know if there is a reason that it...
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    4.0 OHV intake question

    Hey guys. long time no see, and when i say a long time i mean like over 2 years. i sold my old '96 2wd explorer sport in april of 06, but had to come back to another explorer. i always regreted selling my old one and couldn't wait to get another one, and i finally did. I have a white '97...
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    wheel lean up front.

    I don't understand why it is a bad idea to be driving like this. With the wheels like this, / \ , the vehicle would be less likely to rollover. Plus, with it lowered it handles better. I've been driving like that for almost 6 months, with no problems. The vehicle only has rollover problems if...
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    wheel lean up front.

    Thanks for you r help, both of you. Any suggestions on where to get them??? or what brand. Thanks again.
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    wheel lean up front.

    Hey. I lowered my explorer in the front by using the TT method, then I flipped the Torsion keys. I've had it done since august, and noticed then that the top of the front wheels lean in toward the vehicle, while the bottom kind of lean out, if that makes sense. I knew this wold affect how my...
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    Bad news

    nope, no lightning in the works either. I am a salesman at lou fusz ford in MO, and I have been trying to find out anything I can about an upcoming Lightning, and the only thing I've found at is that they aren't planning anything. Apparently, the same people that bought the lightning are buying...
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    Will these rims fit????

    I'v e been looking for new rims for awhile now. I am finally going to be able to get them, my rebate check is in the mail. I know the bolt pattern, 5 lug, 4.5" circle, blah blah blah. I don't know the minimum and maximum backspacing. that would be helpful. I would like to get the wheels...
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    How to: Lower your explorer (pics)

    Reply to the question above...You will need a lift/lowering block kit, a jack, jack stands, a socket wrench set, and a couple hours. The block kit can be bought at your local autozone, or something like that, for about $30. Other than that, I asume you have the rest. Another thing, hydroxy...
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    Put a 347 in an X??? oh yeah

    Well, I don't know how many times i've said this, but my friend has an '89 LX that he was going to drop a 347 into (befor I had said 357, my bad). But he owes his parents money and can't afford to do that anymore. Actually, he can't even afford to keep his car, so hes selling it and getting a...
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    You Might be a Ricer If........

    I've got a friend with a civic. He has everything done to it. Compcams, turbo, racing rims, you name it. But he was smart and didn't put on a bodykit, and took his car to an exhaust shop to get the car quieter. He thinks its funny when he smokes someone in a race, and they ask him why he didn't...
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    a nice place for your amp

    yeah, truckin magazine pimped out a van and they mounted the amps on the ceiling too, but they built a custom mounting rack i think.
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    I finally gave in.....

    .....and got a job at ford. I know there are people here that don't like the dealerships, but it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up, because this will mean more pay, less hours, and discounted parts and labor. 5.0 in the making sooner than I expected I hope!!!!! I start 9:00am, Dec. 26. It is...