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    Air Conditioner 1994 explorer

    Thanks for getting back with the answer, it helps all of us.
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    Summer's Tuning Up & I have a Hot Explorer

    Not a great mechanic but when someone says 'too hot' I ask what the measured temperature really is. Our '92 XLT has always had a high-reading temperature gauge, but when I use a thermal 'gun' while idling hot it compares within a couple of degrees with our '94 Limited (which has a temperature...
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    Need help identifying a cluster of 4 wires

    I would for sure replace the valve cover gaskets. I've had to replace them twice so far on our '92 XLT with about 250,000 miles on it. Also inspect the cover gasket surfaces closely, members of this forum have mentioned that they rust out and leak. As to the intake, you might want to read up...
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    dropping the gas tank

    Just my $0.02 but I wouldn't run it in a lawn mower or any other small engine, carburetor rebuilding and adjusting is not fun. Both of my new(er) yard machines have strong warnings about using old or bad gasoline. Many boat repair yards have a way to dispose of bad gas, and a few auto stores...
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    Driver window stuck down!

    Elizabeth, it almost has to be electrical, and needs a wiring diagram and some analysis to come up with a likely cause. Without looking at a wiring diagram I could suggest a bad ground, a bad switch, or maybe even something related to electric door locks or an alarm. The newer the vehicle, the...
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    93 Explorer Driver Side Door Latch Malfunction

    x2 on hinges, I've replaced them on both vehicles ('92 XLT & '94 Limited) both front doors, top and bottom. The bushings fail and need to be replaced. When they start to fail they take the nylon cover on the latch.
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    Solved Explorer 1994 XLT 4.0 OHV 4x4 Argentina - No Spark, fuel pressure or signals from the PCM.

    Glad it was that simple (or relatively so) and appreciate your coming back and letting us know what you found. Thank you.
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    Air Conditioner 1994 explorer

    Could be that, could be low pressure. There's a pressure switch in line with the compressor clutch so if the refrigerant is low the compressor won't turn on.
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    two spout connectors

    You might look at this thread: 91-94 X Schematics / Diagrams One of the connectors is shown, perhaps it will help.
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    Radiator Lines

    Depending on whether it's the upper or lower fitting, it is from the transmission or to an auxiliary cooler (if present). Without it in place you'll be pumping transmission fluid on the ground - unless, of course, someone has plugged the line from the transmission. While you're at it, you might...
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    dropping the gas tank

    As for the gauge not working, the most likely cause is the sender float has failed and the arm is on the bottom of the tank. The other possibilities are wiring/ground, gauge, and the 'anti-slosh module' plugged into the back of the instrument panel. I've had two of those four issues on our '92...
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    Need Keyless Entry 1993 Ford Explorer XLT Help...

    Our '94 Limited has/had the alarm and keyless entry until the alarm failed 'on' due to water getting into the left rear quarter panel alarm module. I unplugged the alarm part of the keyless entry system. Perhaps a previous owner had the same problem and did the same thing.
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    1993 Ford Explorer XLT Fuel Gauge Not Working

    If you test using the wire in the connector by the brake master cylinder, you will likely find the resistance will either be infinite (open circuit - broken wire) or around 240 ohms (float resting on the bottom of the tank). If your tank was - say - around half full, the resistance would be...
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    1993 Ford Explorer Sport 4.0 L V6 Automatic Transmission (First car and I need help)

    Great purchase! X2 on inspecting for vacuum leaks. If it was mine and I just bought it from someone who didn't share any maintenance information, I'd change all of the fluids that I can (coolant, oil & filter, transmission, etc.) and the air and fuel filters. Do a 'tune-up' which mostly means...
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    92 Exploder Sport 4WD wont crank with new battery and starter relay

    Do yourself a favor and coat the interface between the plastic sides and the metal crimps on the new radiator with 'ultra black' or something similar before you install it, and you'll find the radiator lasts longer without leaking. I finally did this with our '92 XLT a few years ago - on it's...
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    Things that help fuel economy and performance.

    Mbrooks420, The dealer reset issue was what two of my co-workers mentioned regarding their fairly new trucks. One is a diesel, I don't know what the other one is. Perhaps it's a warranty issue and they didn't choose to mention it as such. Don't mean to hijack the thread, just wanted to clarify.
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    93 stalls when giving gas pulling away from stop sign

    Throttle position sensor?
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    Are My Front Rotors warped??

    I have the 'warped rotor shimmy' on both of my GEN1's. It's not bad, but I would appreciate a recommendation for a better brand for the next time I do the brakes. I don't buy the least expensive, but don't pony up for the gold plated ones either. I also make it a practice to only have them...
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    92 Explorer Speedometer cable and calibration

    Just FYI, the P235/75 R15 is a 'standard' alternative size, and both of my GEN1 Explorers came with that size. IMO that different tire should not result in that great a difference in the speedometer reading. If you've a mind to investigate farther, I'd check the legend plate on the driver's door...
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    Things that help fuel economy and performance.

    Our '92 XLT and '94 Limited each are capable of 20 MPG highway, and have done so recently. Both have over 225k miles. City/highway mix is always around 17-18 MPG, a bit lower in the winter than the summer, probably partly due to the 'winter blend' fuel we get. I use regular from a name brand...
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    1994 explorer 135K miles/ engine stumbles

    X2 on plugs and wires, I keep records of mpg and whenever it starts to drop off I change the plugs. Say what you want to, however, almost anything is better than the old distributor cap and rotor system with the points that always seemed to need adjustment or replacement.
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    94 Explorer XLT

    From your description there are many possibilities; mechanical, electrical, and/or fuel-related. I would start by checking for codes from the computer. There will be a few incorrect ones if the engine is cold, but it's a starting point. A more detailed description would be helpful, such as: It...
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    1993 Explorer Sport 4.0L A/C issues

    I wonder if one or more of the shops didn't change the o-rings when repairing the system. I'm assuming you've changed from R12 to R134a, which uses the green colored o-rings, different oil, and a different orifice tube, as well as changing the high and low pressure fittings. I also agree that...
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    Radio/Amplifier Sound issues

    If you're considering an aftermarket radio and using the existing amplifier, I recommend you look at the Crutchfield web site. Enter the vehicle data and drill down to the accessories section. They show a line level adapter and the necessary cables. You also should have a copy of the radio and...
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    Engine trouble

    IMHO the best answer for you has to be the one you want to accept, but my $0.02 would be that after spending the amount you already have, purchasing and installing a used but known good engine would be my choice. I have two GEN1's, a '92 XLT and a '94 Limited, and intend to keep them as long as...