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    Auto to manual transfer case swap questions.

    I have a 93 5 speed 4x4 with auto hubs and the 4wd button doesn't work. I picked up a 91 with 5 speed and manual hubs and manual t case, with seized engine as a donor. Is it basically just swap transfer cases, swap hubs, and use the floor plate from the 91, and then all should be good.
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    brake rotor?

    Is motorcraft brr36 front disc brake rotor the right one for a 1993 4x4 4.0 4wd? Is there a vin code that will ensure I get the right part? I see a few different motorcraft rotors on Amazon. It looks similar to what I bought for my ranger, but on the ranger, I got the whole rotor, and hub...
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    My 93 has no 4th. It makes a grinding noise if I try to force it in.

    I have a 1993 with m5r1, or m5od-r1, 4th won't work. I grabbed one untested for $50 from a junk yard. Can I shift it out of the truck somehow to see if it will go into all the gears? What should I be looking for without completely removing all the bearings and gears, etc? I basically want to...
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    1993 4x4 manual to auto swap?

    So, the local wrecking yard told me they had 3 manual transmissions, then 2 weeks later I go to get 1, as I had the money and time to pick it up and they had crushed all the vehicles. No longer had any. My truck is a 1993 xlt, push button 4x4 with m5od r1. I can't shift into 3rd gear. Can't get...
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    Have 2 shifters? 1993 xlt manual 4x4

    So, I have a 1993 xlt manual 4x4 that needs a transmission. I got to thinking though, my brother's 2002 Ranger fx4 has a 2nd shifter for 4wd. Is that possible to do on my 1993 Explorer?
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    No 4x4 and no 4th gear.

    Tldr 4wd doesn't work, 4th gear doesn't work. Troubleshoot the 4x4 with transmission removed, or with replacement transmission already installed and everything else working except the 4wd? So, I finished up the water pump, and new radiator and thermostat, got my 1993 XLT driving. Brakes were...
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    About to replace Radiator, water pump, thermostat...

    So, my explorer, when I bought it, the guy claimed he didn't run it without coolant, but that the water pump needed replacing. Now, there was coolant sprayed over the engine bay from a leak in one of the heater core hoses. We pressure tested, found that leak, cut the hose short, pressure...
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    Longtimer Lurker, just bought a 1993 Explorer

    Hey guys, I have been using this site and one for Ford Rangers for quite a few years, though I only recently bought a Ranger, a little over a year ago, a 1995 4.0 Auto with 315k miles on. It now has over 330k, and still going strong. Now, about a month ago, I bought a 1993 Ford Explorer XLT...