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    Lifting the Vehicle from the Body?

    I took the Explorer in for its annual state safety/emissions inspection that requires removing a front wheel to check the condition of the front brakes. The technician came in from the service bay to tell me he didn't think they'd be able to complete the inspection because my "pinch welds are...
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    1993 ABS Codes - No Faults Then Suddenly Many Codes

    Never had a fault with the ABS in 22 years. ABS functioned properly last time it was driven; parked it for 3 days, now the ABS light remains lit after turning the key to ON with multiple fault codes. I did some searching but most threads on ABS issues seem to end inconclusively so figured...
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    Need Body Mount Bracket Info

    I'm trying to find out if the body mount brackets located mid-way between the wheels, under the front seats, on an early 2nd-gen Explorer are welded or riveted on to the frame. I need to replace one on my '93, but there are very few 1st-gen Explorers left in the northeast to get parts from...
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    Body Mount Brackets

    Are replacements available anywhere? Specifically I need the one that's at the mid-point on the frame, driver's side, directly under the driver's door handle (on a 4-door at least). I've searched on here, eBay, and the internet in general but haven't found much information. I was able to find...
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    Pulled Engine with Torque Converter Attached: Did we Break Anything?

    Admittedly working with automatics is completely foreign territory for me; all my projects have always been manuals. I was helping my brother pull the engine out of his automatic project and, not knowing any better, left the torque converter attached to the engine like I would a clutch. Now...
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    '97 5-Speed Swap into '90 Auto?

    We have a '90 2.3L Auto Ranger and have been talking about wanting to swap in a 5-speed if we can find a cheap donor. Just spotted a '97 2.3L 5-speed with a blown engine on the Craigslist for a few hundred bucks. Wondering if the transmission would directly swap to the engine and if the pedal...
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    M5OD Transmission Leaks Bad On Long Drives

    A strange problem I've never encountered: My M5OD 5-speed leaks like crazy after being on the highway for longer than 30 minutes or so. I can drive for weeks around down and it stays relatively dry, but after cruising at about 70mph for a while the whole underside is coated with fluid from the...
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    How bad is my camber?

    Just had the truck aligned after replacing the ball joints and steering linkage (and also radius arm bushings and wheel bearings not too long ago). Left is at -0.5°, Right is -0.7°. Tech said I needed different adjustment bushings to get it within spec and quoted $70 for the shims and $85...
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    Where to find new leaf spring hangers?

    The one on my driver's side spring at the main eye end is starting to rot through. When I replaced my shackles and radius arm brackets last year they were all a dime a dozen, but I'm having a hard time finding cheap new replacement spring hangers. Everybody has them for Rangers, but not...
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    New accumulator exposed to air... ruined?

    After learning so much from this forum I'm starting to branch out and try to fix other people's AC systems now, so I bought some parts to try and referb the AC on my brother's car (not a Ford!) including a new receiver-drier (instead of an accumulator, Chrysler system). I know it contains a...
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    Do O-rings come with new A/C components?

    Pretty much what the subject says... if you buy a new compressor or accumulator or whatever, do they usually come with new O-rings for that component, or would I need to buy an O-ring kit. Also, would I need an O-ring kit specific for the vehicle, or would the random assortment package on the...
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    1st Time Recharge - How are my pressures?

    So over the past 2 days I went from knowing nothing about AC systems to being very well read on them thanks to this forum. My system was converted to R-134a some years back by the previous owner and recently had started cycling every couple seconds first only at higher RPMs, then at idle as...
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    How to remove A/C clutch?

    The clutch on my AC compressor seems to be shot. Sometimes it will not fully engage, such that it makes a loud scratching noise and the compressor itself only spins in sporadic spurts. Sometimes it engages and runs for hours perfectly fine, but more and more often now it's slipping so that the...
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    Rear Wiper Will Not Shut Off

    ... Even after shutting the switch off. I unplugged the switch completely and it still keeps running. Is there a relay somewhere for the rear wiper that could have gotten stuck? If so, where is it located? I searched for this problem but could not find any conclusive solutions, so help would...
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    Looking at a '99 Limited - Questions

    There's a '99 Limited sitting at a body shop near my work that I'm thinking of making an offer on as a second truck. The story is that the shop owner (who i know somewhat) has a silent partner that keeps buying cars and trucks to fix and sell, but never does. They end up sitting in the yard...
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    Manual Transmission Suddenly Leaking

    I was just under it a few days ago and everything was high and dry. Today there's ATF everywhere. The transmission is dry until the rear of the main case, where it bolts to the adapter between the transmission and the transfer case. It's wet at that seam, right behind the drain plug, and back...
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    What is this blown fuse for?

    In the under hood box - a 20A fuse in position 19. Mine is blown and I'm not sure what it's for. Everything seems to be working. Anyone know?
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    Battery Light On, Yet Alternator is Charging?

    Last week it wouldn't start because the starter went, so I replaced that and it was fine for about 3 days. Then developed a weak/no start again so I replaced the battery cables that were way past due, and again it was fine for about 3 days. Finally last night it would not start again, tried...
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    Switches on M5OD

    After reinstalling my transmission my backup lights aren't working. There were 2 plugs from the vehicle's wiring harness that connected to the transmission. One connected directly to a switch on the driver side, the other to a wire that went over the transmission to a switch on the passenger...
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    How to disable factory alarm?

    I've recently acquired a '93 XLT from my father... basically a "if you can fix it, you can have it" type of thing. He had already bought a new Ranger and was going to scrap it so this winter I gave it a new lease on life by dropping the transmission myself and put a new clutch slave in it...