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    2002 4.0L V6 valve cover gasket replacement and TIPS!

    I believe they are plastic so maybe it cracked? Also the pvc valve is there, maybe the oil is leaking from there
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    Chime / Alarm Location?

    If the airbag chime is the same as the one for the headlights on and key in ignition then it is located in the speedometer cluster--It looks like a round black button and is in the upper left hand corner (looking at cluster from drivers seat)--I removed mine 5 years ago and soldered in a jumper...
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    What tools to change upper manifold and valve cover gaskets?

    If I remember they were T30 and had to tighten to 89 ft. lbs.
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    What tools to change upper manifold and valve cover gaskets?

    You will need torx head for the manifold bolts--(with an extension)--Also a mirror to get the ones in the back by the firewall--Unless you remove hood to get a bords eye view--You do not have to remove the bolts on the manifold, just back them out--They will stay in the manifold while you lift...
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    2002 4.0L V6 valve cover gasket replacement and TIPS!

    I recently did mine also--To break free the large nut for the EGR on the mainfold I actually removed the passenger side inner fenderwell and stuck a large pipe wrench thru there onto the nut--I only got a 1/4 turn at a time, but it worked!!
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    Ummmm what is this "bag" underneath my intake manifold?

    I just changed my intake gaskets and had the bag (2003 4.0 Flex) under my intake--I thought it was a heat blanket to protect the plastic intake
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    Clicking in Dash

    Chances are it is the blend door actuator--Mine made a loud clicking (almost banging) noise when it gave out--I actually had no problem changing mine, due to the excellent write ups and info from this site--I did have a dealer quote me $ 700.00 to do it (car was in for recall)--
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    How much trailer weight can you safely tow?

    I have an 03 (V6) with factory tow package and used it to tow a 4500lb boat--And like leftlane 36 said, on flats it was fine but slowed down when it saw a hill--Never failed or ran hot, however-
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    Rear brake replacement?

    x2, Be prepared to change parking brake shoes--I've had real good luck with Wagner Thermo Quiet Pads--70k out of the last set--
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    How many miles on original 3rd Gen Tranny?

    Had Tranny serviced at 50k and 100k and it was rebuilt at 145k
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    Rear Floor Cargo Door Latch Broken...

    Mine has been broken forever--I just fit a nylon zip tie thru the holes to use has a handle--
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    Hard steering

    Probably need a new rack and pinion--Happened to a friend of mine a short time ago on his 02'
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    Temperature Gauge spikes for 10 secs, then returns to Normal range

    x2 on the thermostat--Same exact thing happened w/me--When I changed it, the old thermostat came out in 2 pieces--The spring was broke--
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    2002 Explorer V6 4.0 Engine Seized Up

    I wrapped the old belt around the pulley then clamped the pulley from the back with a vice grip--Then used a pipe wrench to free the fan--The vice grip acts as a "stop" when it catches on the pump--
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    Installing rear DVD system

    I installed one in my 03' XLT--No Rear Air, and it didn't have a mounting plate or wiring there--I also have a moonroof I had to contend with--Best Buy said they couldn't install one in the car because of the lack of clearance--I removed the trim for the moonroof and found a metal crossbrace...
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    2003 Ford Explorer. How do I turn the seat belt chime off?

    I removed the chime itself--It's in the back of the instrument cluster--I wear my seatbelt 100% of the time, but leave my key in the ignition and that's what got to me-
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    Blend Door actuator replacement. NEED HELP!

    I did mine in my 2003 XLT 2 weeks ago and followed the hints in this post
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    Good on/off road tire

    Mastercraft Courser AT--Agressive, affordable, smooth riding and got 80k out of my last set--
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    '05 Explorer gas leak...Pictures

    Nice and neat repair--Looks great--Hope it works out OK--
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    '05 Explorer gas leak...Pictures

    I got mine at Tractor Supply, but I believe Home Depot and Lowes both have it--
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    '05 Explorer gas leak...Pictures This has never let me down, but I never tried it on a gas tank--
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    ABS Light :(

    I have the same exact symptoms--ABS Light only comes on during hard acceleration--I have changed the sensor on the master cylinder and the one on the rear differential (2 easiest and least expensive) and still comes on--Time to go get the code read--
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    Caliper Bolt

    Funny, I did my brakes last Tuesday and was missing the drivers side lower caliper bolt--I thought the pads were worn , but the noise was the caliper rubbing on the rim when I applied thre brakes--I got a replacement bolt at Lowe's--The one by me has a pretty good hardware selection--.82 cents--
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    Seatbelt alarm removal

    I actually removed the chime itself--It is soldered into the back of the speedometer cluster--The belt chime didn't annoy me because I wear my seat belt, but the same chime stays on when you leave your keys in the ignition ( I leave my keys in )--I just soldered in a jumper wire--
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    Gear indicator in gauge cluster stuck

    The indicator cable is seperate from the cluster--You can remove the cluster without removing the cable + indicator--