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    347 Stroker swap with pics and specs

    Ok so I swapped a 347 Stroker into my 1999 AWD V8 Explorer. Took me about 2 weeks from the first to last bolt and about a week of break in. I've got it running good with the help of an SCT X4 programmer (custom tune on the way). I started off with the purchase of a 347 Stroker long block...
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    347 swap and first start up

    Hey guys and gals. I've swapped a 347 stroker into my 99 Limited AWD and I'm having some problems with the first start up. First off... meet my 347 Its a 10.8:1 cr, forged flat top piston and I beam rods, AFR 185s, Trick flow stage 2 cam, scat crank, Trick flow track heat upper and lower...
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    Need help with diag. 5r55e

    Hi I'm new to these forums. I have a '97 Explorer XLT 4x4 with the famous 5r55e and had it rebuild at a local transmission shop. The original trans was rebuild twice while in the shop because they couldn't get it to shift right. They pulled it apart a second time and rebuilt again and still...