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    Gas Gauge Replacement - 97 Explorer

    to my knowledge, you could cut an access panel around the driverside rear seat area to remove the fuel pump... iirc there is a thread by member burns that outlines how to do that... and although its not the most efficient i wouldnt use a grinder or any ofnthat type to do this, so you dont...
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    97 Sport build number 2

    love the build! how are the 3" keys working out for you? ive heard not to go over 2" for the life of the 4wd cvs (which i assume you have because you went to a 1354) i currently have 2" but i would be interested in another inch!
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    What is a blackout stripe tape on our Explorer?

    no problem! happy to help! but the real credit goes to tinman, because when that eas pointed out i remembered that on mine! and excuse my faded trim 😛 (and my bad spelling/grammar)
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    What is a blackout stripe tape on our Explorer?

    dont mean to steal the thunder of tinman_72 but iirc between the front and rear doors, theres also a black stripe painted on the door itself, and in between the doors when you open it up youll see the black stripe on the inside, which looks similiar to the photos on the ebay listing if you open...
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    diff options

    is it like this quote i got from corral? stock- "F-S-S-F-S-S-F. However, if you re-use the best two of your old Frictions in place of one of the new Steels you can re-stack them in an order that makes the diff lock better, which is F-S-F-S-F-S-F, which is the same number of total elements. You...
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    diff options

    do you have the pn for the the s spring?
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    diff options

    hmm ill have to look into that... i know the stangs have different s springs, but I had assumed it was either car version or the truck version, but ill have to check... im thinking the carbon fiber clutches and shimming it up slightly with one of the old clutches or steels (forgot which it...
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    diff options

    alrighty! since my rig is also a dd, im considering going with a stornger ls instead, as i dont do much serious stuff, just backwoods exploration. however, one other option is the auburn ected... ive heard mxied thoguhts on these, but if reliable, maybe be also a good ootion, as i get rhe be...
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    diff options

    questuon: should i go with carbon fiber ford racing clutches or a powertrax no slip in the rear? When i skimmed the grimmjeeper site it said lunchbox lockers can increase wear on drivetrain (not just tires) is this true, and does the no slip act this way (except for right after install) thanks!
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    HD 5r55e in 2021

    so far ive found tomsrivertransmissions and they have a 5r for 1k, which supposedly has upgrades (idk) and bullripper has a full upgraded 5r, anything i should be aware of? or should i just ger a normal rebuild and get an hd converter and bands clutches etc...
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    HD 5r55e in 2021

    as of now, are there any HD upgrades for a 5r that can be done when its on the bench? as of now im aware of CVB, and thats about it 😅
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    big brakes and front suspension

    late, but ws it this? Thread 'Upcoming source for performance parts.' Upcoming source for performance parts.
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    Good GPS Vehicle Tracker??

    the only one i can think of is probablt lojack, have it on my X, and although i cant personally track it a buddys rig had gotten stolen before, but with lojack they could find it after a bit... not sure how helpful this is, as its slightly different form the intended topic
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    Older threads missing attached images and are duplicated?

    it was only the one! i used the link feature, so it had the title above the link! thanks a million! :)
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    Older threads missing attached images and are duplicated?

    Thread 'So you want to convert to a 5.0? 5L swap for dummies' How to: - So you want to convert to a 5.0? 5L swap for dummies also this thread...
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    OffRoading in SoCal

    hey! i think ill take a trip to socal soon enough... does anyone know of some close by good spots? (<1 hr from the city) thanks so much! :biggthump:
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    New or Used?

    i agree mostly... id rather drive a 90s/00s vehicle personally, but nowadays in the city from driving others behicles i notice that the active safety features (aeb, blind spot warning etc) seem to be kind of nice... its not a substitute for safe driving though, but it has saved me once or twice...
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    Explorer-Mustang interchangeable parts

    no worries! we all do that sometimes! unfortunately the only lowering technique im aware of is ceanking down the tbars...
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    Explorer-Mustang interchangeable parts

    the front suspension on the 2nd gens are a torsion bar setup... to my knowledge, i dont think mustangs had tbats... but dunno...
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    Clanking coming from underneath

    in addition to what mbrooks said, a 265/70/16 is smaller than the max tire size of a 31x10.50x15 (which to my knowledge only polishes your sway bar)... so i doubt its the tire size, so maybe the UCA? dunno... all i can say is its probably not the tires edit: either ball joints or uca... prolly...
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    autozone shackles?

    also i have a set lined up that im probably going to pull the trigger on... would the rancho rs9000xl shocks be the appropriate ones? do i even need them, could i stay with my air shocks for a similiar performance? sorry im kinda dumb...
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    1999 Explorer rear diff

    to my knowledge this is the one ive heard of... i think gerald had one in herc... if herc was still around 😢 anyways heres rhe link... anyone with more knowledge please correct me if im wrong as i still have my worn LS clutches in mine
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    autozone shackles?

    thanks! ive been considering the OMEs... but not sure yet... would i need extended ahocks, or would the air shocks i installed years back still work just as well? also is the advertized lift (1.5 in) when loaded or unloaded? thanks! 🙂
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    autozone shackles?

    also i bet this has been answered by others before, and i used search but came up with mized results. A. are the OME springs designed for our rigs made to use stock shocks? will they wear out faster than if i use OME shocks? B. theyre advertized as a 1.5 inch lift- is this loaded or unloaded...
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    tires for 98 4wd

    i landed a set of open countries in 31 10.50 15 size... couldnt be happier!!!! no more slip and alot more offroad traction (to be expected) handles well overall, pretty quiet, , handles better than i need (im a snail in corners)😅 now i need to refurb the 300k lsd 🙃