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    Amp Installation

    it wasn't that loud and just because you have it doesnt mean you play it 100% full time just about 2.351% of my music has loud bass
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    Amp Installation

    i didnt do the firewall i ran oversized 4 gauge through a floor plug under where your left foot rests while driving but when i moved up to oversized 1/0 i ran it back to under the drivers side 2nd row seat and did a 1 1/8th hole saw and grommet.... the size of wire you choose will change up the...
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    Looking to buy. Want a 09 or 10 with a V8. What do I lose going older?

    yeah tell me about it... my parents went from a 2004 to a 2016 although an all around better vehicle its more like a car so when my 07 started to chain rattle too bad i parked it and thought about explorers again but found a 2016 sho which is an explorer but even more car because its a car.... i...
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    Looking to buy. Want a 09 or 10 with a V8. What do I lose going older?

    learned something new.... i thought when the expedition went to the 3.5eb it became uni-body but no its pretty much back on the f-150 frame
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    I had some slipping while towing in overdrive, does my transmission need a rebuild?

    if you dont know the maintenance history of the trans and suspect its never been changed dont waste time doing a filter and a fill it will probably end its life.... if the bands cant be adjusted and are slipping or the fiction disks are worn down new fluid will only make it slip more.... if you...
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    I had some slipping while towing in overdrive, does my transmission need a rebuild?

    we all know that is a recipe for blown trans.... its like getting a transfusion after you already died
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    yeah my 5r55 sometimes refuses to shift into d or r on cold starts like low fluid but having no dip stick is stupid but now almost at 200k the chains at idle sound like a penny in a blender.... great vehicles but somethings cant be prevented with all the preventative maintenance in the world
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    2007 explorer, will seats fold down with weather tech mats?

    i dont remember how close they come to the floor when super folded but i would think with the hoopla and money for weathertech they probably designed for that
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    Shout out to the Gen 4 Explorers!!!

    my 07 4.0 couldn't beat a fully loaded gmc 6.0 ls box truck but now my timing chains sound pretty ugly so i moved on to a 2016 SHO that's only 86x quicker... sometimes i go out to the garage and start up the 07 just to listen to the sweet sweet chains truck doesn't owe me a damn thing it was a...
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    i know my owners manual says this vehicle can not nor should you attempt a flat tow
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    Changing color of cluster gauges from black to white

    it helps but even a veteran kicker still misses the PAT once in a while
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    Two different 5R55S Models?

    9L2P vs AL2P is as follows A stands for 2010 and 9 stands for 2009.... L2 is explorer and P is transmission and axle product and manufacturing (automatic transmission) since the parts numbers are the same and the last 2 letters is the revision code the only question is what did ford change...
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    Instrument Cluster Light Bulbs

    i now only replace my bulbs from bulbs i pull at the junk yard.... i did cheap led swap and shorted out my cluster and had to drive for 4 years in the dark until i figured out the swap fiasco
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    Changing color of cluster gauges from black to white

    just make sure you are careful not to break anything since the actual cluster swap would require a pcm, cluster and abs controler from a matching year and option list vehicle and a subscription to forscan..... been there done that
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    Front Suspension Wobble

    that happened on mine just after a 1,000 mile vacation week and couldn't figure out why the front felt so bad but once i removed the wheel i could hear something bouncing around in there... broke the bead pulled out all the carnage and refilled tire and all was good
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    Another TPMS sensor fault

    these dont have 5 sensor systems and my tires max at 51 and i used to do 45 until last week when i noticed my last tire i changed was wearing in the center
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    2010 Limited 4x4 4.6L V8 Trans. ID

    the only 4.6 that was offered with a 5r55 was the mustang and like 02-04 explorers yours definitely has the 6r60/80.... easy way to tell is check the trans pan and see if there is a little yellow dipstick if there is then its not a 5r55x
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    Another TPMS sensor fault

    before dishing out tons of cash to a dealer you can score 4 sensors on ebay for $85 and the relearn dongle for around $12... i been dealing with the light in my cluster for about 4 years and finally just bought the stuff i needed and 2 hours of my time in the garage so unless you actually know...
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    Another TPMS sensor fault

    good thing ford didnt care about putting a sensor in the spare
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    Front Suspension Wobble

    ive never had a problem with this until i got my 1998 and turned the wheels with the engine off and i thought i was going to die went home couldn't find the problem and it went away on its own now i always check for pink foam in my power steering fluid
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    upper arm uniball joint

    don't be getting septic on us.... that can get real deadly
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    4.6l tune benefits?

    i think the most important part about a tuner is looking at it as an investment for the future over a mod for one vehicle.... search around for one that has the option for a reflash and you can divorce it from one vehicle and marry it to the next one and even if the tune costs money your not out...
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    ABS for Explorer 2007

    i replaced my whole abs pump before i noticed forscan had an option for reprogram abs control module because when i replaced my 07 cluster from an 06 i also needed ths pcm from the 06 to make it program keys then the abs missmatch error popped up and i threw in the 06's abs... the pump worked...
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    Front Suspension Wobble

    mine got a really bad wobble over 50mph and i couldn't figure it out.... found out my tpms sensor blew apart.... i looked at everything else before finding this.... question is do you think its a off balance kind of wobble or a sloppy steering kind of wobble
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    Solved: Engine oil and filter for 4.0 SOHC - 5W-20 or 5W-30?

    YEAH! i dont want to know what the filter is catching... just that its a filter... if its clean then its a filter and if its dirty then im sure the filter isnt the problem