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    Always suspect the DPFE

    I was actually shocked when I found out the failure rate of new DPFE sensors out of the box. I was chasing an EGR 332 code for months, tried two DPFE's and then started chasing wiring and vacuum only to end up back at the DPFE, and the third time was a charm.
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    EGR problems

    Hey guys, Im having an EGR problem and I'm hoping y'all can help. LONG story short, my truck appears to be opening the EGR valve too soon. What happens is at about 1000 to 1500 rpm, it seems like the EGR is opening too soon, causing the engine to lope like it has a cam in it. Also, the hoses...
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    Codes 332 and 176

    Hey guys, I just had my cam synchronizer. upper intake gasket and lower intake gaskets replaced and now I'm chasing two codes that keep popping up I'm getting a code 332 which is insufficient EGR flow, and also a 176 bank 1 lean. Weird part is that these codes set together from what I can...
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    Wiring help on an 05 Ranger 3 Liter

    Hey guys, A buddy of mine just bought an '05 Ranger with the 3 Liter from a dealer that has one of those 5 day no questions return periods so hes checking the truck over and had a question about a suspicious looking piece of wiring Wiring in question is in the yellow box. Doesn't look too...
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    Engine vibration/sound only over bumps

    Hey guys just had my timing cover gasket replaced and now Ive got a pretty strange engine noise/vibration that happens only when accelerating from a stop over an uneven surface. It seems to happen anytime the engine is under pretty good load and the suspension is moving up/down. Anyone have...
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    The true potential of the trusty 4.0 OHV? :D
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    2013 Smog results

    Definetly dirtier than 2011's test and Im not sure why. Maybe its because it sat 20 minutes before they tested it and it cooled off some. But a pass is a pass.
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    Temp selector stuck on hot

    Hey guys. Quick question. The other day I went to switch the old climate control temperature selector from hot to cold, and might have moved it a bit to roughly, and now its stuck on heat and it doesnt feel like the lever is moving the blend door. Is there a common failure point I should look at...
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    Fuel filter disconnect questions

    Hey guys I have a quick question about the quick disconnect fittings on the fuel filter. Ive been reading the threads here and gathering up info to try and make changing my fuel filter a painless task, but its been a nightmare. Ive got both the metal and the plastic disconnect tools and my...
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    Need help with vacuum test *video included*

    So Ive been tinkering around lately trying to eliminate causes for a misfire / rough running condition at about 2500 rpms, and finally got around to recording a video today and need your guys' help analyzing it. Idle vacuum is about 20-21 inches but the needle flicks ever s slightly at idle...
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    Intake tube question with pics

    So Ive been having a weird problem lately where under certain situations, my throttle sticks open and the only way to unstick it while driving is to pump the pedal 3-4 times. Well upon further inspection, I found that these two rubber pieces have deteriorated on the throttle body side of the...
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    Help with blower motor relay

    Hi guys, Ive got a problem with my 93 sport. It keeps melting blower motor relays and im totally stumped as to whats causing it. Ive been putting generic autozone relays in it and it kept melting them so I went and got a relay from ford and it melted that too. Its got a brand new blower motor in...
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    Finally, 300,000 miles

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    2011 Smog test results are in!

    Here are the results with 299,043 miles on the motor:
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    Take a look at this

    Well guys, as usual i was digging around trying to find the reason for a random misfire ive been having and heres what i found when I pulled the 3 passenger bank spark plugs. The pic is bad but all three are cracked and show arcing. Im wondering if when I put them in I forgot to use the...
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    Finally got my tranny fixed, back in action

    Finally got my tranny fixed and the Exploder is back on the road. Got it done for 1300 which included a soft parts rebuild and hard parts as needed which i believe they told me were 2 planetaries and it also included a new bigger tranny cooler, and I think they also bypassed the rad cooler, but...
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    Quick tranny question

    My explorer has had a bad tranny since January of this year and all of the rebuild quotes have been to much that im thinking of trying to rebuild it myself over time....the first question is...since the tranny is dead as it is, and A4LD's dont have drain plugs...can I unplug a cooler line and...
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    Looks like the exploder....

    Will be getting a new tranny soon :)....its been too long since I've driven it.
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    Questions about pulling an A4LD

    I need some quick advice about pulling an A4LD out of a parts truck. Once I get the driveshaft out of the way and disconnect the wiring, all I'll need to do is remove the trans mount and the bell housing bolts and it'll come free correct?
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    Decided on a manual swap

    Well, in the interest of cost, I've decided to go down to the pick-a-part and see if they have any M5OD-R1's since pick a part only charges $125 for the tranny, or so says their website. If I find one, Ill check the fluid color of course and all that, but my question is what should I reuse...
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    Tranny finally gave up

    Well after giving warning signs for the last 8 months or so, my tranny finally decided to give up the ghost. I had to get on it a bit to make a yellow light and it went 'POP' and that was the end of it. I'm assuming the torque converter is at fault here because its making a nasty grinding noise...
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    Some questions regarding pick-a-part

    Im gonna swing over to pick-a-part tomorrow and see what they have for exploder parts, specifically transmissions. Is there a safe way to choose an A4LD from a yard without being able to test it?
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    Some fun info regarding top speed

    I was just messing around with a top speed calculator, and thought I'd share my findings. Assuming we're using a stock A4LD, 225/70/15 tires, and a 4900 rpm redline, the theoretical top speeds for the popular rear end gears are: 3.08 = 172 mph 3.27 = 162 mph 3.55 = 149 mph 3.73 = 142 mph...
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    Speaker swap finished, more questions.

    Ok so I swapped out all of my speakers out with some pretty sweet Kenwoods, and it sounds WAY better. But even though I had premium speakers, I had no amp in either rear panel. Does that mean I can just get a new Headunit and adapter and I'm good to go? Its a bit weird that my stock radio has...
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    Radio static, need help deciding what to replace/fix

    I'm battling a case of radio static here, and I've been meaning to fix it for years, but never got around to it. It seemed like poor reception at first, but even when there's no reception issues, the speakers make popping noises almost like they're blown, but other times they sound perfect...