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    Low Range Light Comes On Randomly

    This seems to be some what common on the 1st gen-push button-4x4 systems. My '90 Bronco II LED will glow dim when its really cold out side and now my 94 Explorer low range LED is coming on randomly. I'm curious if the 4x4 relay box in the rear cargo area has capacitors that could be going bad...
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    Computer & harness from SOHC to OHV ?

    I'm not concerned about the engine and trans fitting. Just wondering if the 2nd/3rd gen computer system/harness will work with the older engine. I've seen it the other way around. Someone swapped a newer over head cam engine into a old 90 Ranger with the old computer and
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    How about a Chat window, please.

    One thing I like doing when I'm not specfically talking about my vehicles is to chat. Other forums I'm a member of have a chat window, for random shit. For example, N. Korea bullshit ! I'd like to know how other members feel. I think it would be good for the forum/ increase traffic.
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    95 Sport, No brake lights, Switch ok, Need diagram !

    Hey guys, or gals ? Anyway, I just bought a 95 Explorer Sport, today. I drove it home and noticed the brake lights were not working. I've already pulled fuse and the pedal switch and put a jumper wire in the connector, still nothing. When I say nothing, all 3 brake lights are not coming on...
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    Will 4 door & 2 door fenders swap ? Junk yard says no !

    I need a fender for my 1991 Explorer Sport, but all the parts people / salvage yards are saying that they don't swap. I checked the part numbers and they are different. However, I'm thinking its because the 2 door models must have bolt holes for the fender flares. I'm not really...
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    1st gen "Sport" drivers side fender (Red not Burgundy)

    WANTED : Hey guys, I'm looking for a RED drivers side fender for my 91 Explorer Sport. I don't want to paint the whole truck, so can you help ? I'll update this thread when I find one, so reply even if this thread is months old...its a long term project. Junk yards don't ship fenders for some...
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    Debris inside cowl-vent intake (how to clean?)

    Hey guys, I just bought a 91 Explorer Sport. The drivers side fender was damaged so I removed that side only. I was under the impression that there should be a cowl-vent intake drain there like on my Bronco II (See attached picture). So, my question is...does the right side fender have a...
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    1st gen clutch hose interchange ?

    Hello, I'm doing a 4.0L clutch swap in my 90 Bronco II. I already know I need to match to the same year slave and master cylinder hose because the ends are slightly different. Out of all the slave cylinders for Explorers the 93+ are the only ones I can find with a boot/dust cover. Since the...
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    91 & 95 Explorer FRONT slip yokes interchange ?

    I'm trying to make a custom driveshaft for my 1990 Bronco II. Can someone tell me if the "FRONT" driveshaft slip yokes will interchange from generation 1 and generation 2 Explorers ? From what I understand the 95 (2nd Gen) has a shorter main shaft. Thats what I need but I also need the 91...
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    BEWARE or "Spdrcer34"

    I bought a oil cooler from "Spdrcer34" I have not recieved all my parts. I got the oil cooler but no bolt or o'ring. After I talked with Spdrcer34 he said he would mail the missing pieces. Thats been atleast a couple weeks ago. Then I emailed him again to ask where the pieces are. He said...
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    Wtb:97 Explorer engine oil cooler

    97 Explorer engine oil cooler. Email: [email protected]