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    Clear Coat Engine Comp. Good or Bad Idea?

    In the past I have always sprayed my engine compartments with clearcoat but with this 4.0 sohc engine I wanted to get some feedback before I do this. I,m not talking about going wild with the stuff but it does make it look sharp and very easy to keep clean. Is there any areas that I...
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    Fr Tires Lean In at Top, What Needs To be Fixed?

    I have a 97 EB 4x4 4.0 sohc and just recently had to replace the sway bar links. I havent had this very long (1 mo) and replaced the engine due to timing chain parts found in the oilpan. The guy said it was running when he started the fix but I didn,t want to take any chances. (as we all know...
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    Dome light doesnt work for front doors?

    :us: Would anyone know which fuse # is for the front doors on a 97 EB Explorer or is something possibly unhooked? When I open the back doors the dome lights work and the door panel lights even work on the front doors. But when I open either front door nothing happens. I have looked in the owners...
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    Will a 4.0 SOHC from a 2000 Work in a 1997?

    :us: We took a 4.0 sohc from a wrecked 2000 Exp and put it into my 1997 and everything lined up ok except for the electrical harness. The plug-ins were different. So we took the wiring harness from my old engine and attached it to the 2000. DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THIS IS GOING TO WORK? :thumbsup:
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    Help Wanted PLS Changing engines what parts should I replace?

    My 97 4.0 sohc V6 is getting replaced with the same size engine and I want to try to cover all my bases and hope someone can tell me what parts I should replace on the scrapyard engine ($800) we are putting in? I just recently bought this 97 EB Exp for $800 the mechanic told me the dr side...