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    GPS colors

    After years with a 2008 factory GPS, we took the new 2021 Explorer XLT on a short trip leaving in daylight and returning late at night. I was amazed at how poor the display is...all to do with colors. Really, medium light gray roads on a light gray background? Really can't see the side roads...
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    '97 EGR valve test for P0402

    My '97 XLT with OHV 4.0 V6 and 5-spd manual is idling roughly and throws a P0402 code. That suggests the EGR valve is not closing at idle, I think. Online searches suggest manually operating the valve to see if it is the valve or the vacuum solenoid. Any idea how to do that? Does the diaphragm...
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    Did you remove your power running boards?

    I have a bad motor on one of my 2008 Mountaineer's power running boards. has anyone removed theirs and would be interested in selling just the motor? The same motor was used on 2005-2010 Mountaineers and Explorers.
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    '97 Explorer missing

    Our '97 SOHC 4.0 with 297K miles has started missing irregularly. It starts easily enough, but never settles down to smooth running. Had the CEL come on in below-zero weather code, so I read and it was Lean bank one and two. We sprayed cleaner into the MAF port and cleared the code by...
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    Clutch won't release

    1997 Explorer XLT with 5 spd and 290K+ miles. Clutch won't release reliably making shifting in or out of gear difficult. Today, after days in the teens and overnight single digit cold weather, it won't release at all and once started will start moving in whatever gear it is in with the clutch to...
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    how to remove vent?

    Our 2008 Mountaineer driver's side air vent has broken. The vertical fins no longer contact the adjusting knob. How does that vent come off? I tried pulling, but it seems to be attached at the bottom.
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    Wind noise from sun roof

    On a 9 hour road trip in our '08 Mountaineer I noticed a lot of wind noise (whistling) that seems to come from the sun roof at higher speeds (70+). We really never open that or even pull back the shade, but we've also not had any issues with water leaks. Is this typical or is there something...
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    Console power point inop?

    The power outlet at the outside front of the center console does not appear to be working on our '08 Mountaineer. The outlet inside the console and the one at the rear facing the back seats are both working. Am I missing something? Is this outlet switched in some way? =Vic=
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    Best tires?

    Our 2008 Mountaineer Premier needs new tires. The current 235/65R18 Michelins (not the LTX series) are remarkably worn at just under 30K miles. Because of the amazing results I have had with the Michelin LTX M/S tires on my '97 Explorer I was looking to get those, but had some sticker shock when...
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    AWD operation

    I've driven a '97 Explorer with Control Trak for years. It works well and I especially appreciate the ability to lock the transfer case in poor conditions providing an immediate improvement in traction without waiting for a wheel to slip. Our new (to us) '08 V8-AWD Mountaineer has a less...
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    DRL option?

    We just picked up a '08 V8 AWD Mountaineer which seems to have about every option except the DVD entertainment screen. My wife would like to have daytime running lights, though. Is that a separate module that can be ordered or is that an option the dealer can program into the car? =Vic=
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    '97 XLT Electrical Problem

    I have a 1997 XLT 4dr, 4WD Explorer with 5-spd manual. It has been essentially trouble-free for almost 250K miles and we've routinely used it to haul a utility trailer. It came with trailer-prep, so when it was brand new I had picked up a Hopkins trailer adapter that plugged into the...