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    2014 PIU - which coolant to use?

    Hi, Really quick question. Does the PIU really need *only* the orange Motorcraft coolant or will in reality any coolant do? It's 2014 and has a little over 142k miles on it. Thanks!
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    TPMS module location and the difficulty level of replacing it

    Howdy, I've had constant issues with the "Tire pressure sensor fault." And it's not constantly on, it just comes on once in a while and then stays on for a while. Sometimes the while lasts for days, sometimes for hours. But it always comes back. Today I had the sensors tested (while the fault...
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    Adding an Apple CarPlay radio

    Howdy, I've been thinking about adding an Apple CarPlay radio to my 2014 PIU. However, the only options I see available are insanely expensive replacement kits that turn the entire console into a huge screen. Has anyone encountered a way to do it in some other way? Like taking out the upper...
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    A thread of the alternator belt came off

    Howdy, A 2-millimeter wide thread, about 10 inches long, came off of my 2014 PIU's alternator belt. And I'm 400 miles from home, it's the 4th of July and no repair shops are open. I cut the loose thread off, the rest of the belt seems to be okay. Do you think I can make it home? Thank you!
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    Replace headlight bulbs with LEDs on 2014 PIU?

    Howdy, Has anybody replaced their Explorer/PIU's headlight bulbs (9005) with LEDs? How did that go? Better or worse than with halogens? Do they flicker, did you need an anti-flicker capacitor? Are they positioned correctly, not too high or too low? If you've done it successfully, which LED...
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    Smell of urine (or something) when AC is off

    Ladies, gentlemen, I discovered a weird problem. When I turn off the AC, the air that's flowing into the car smells like urine or something similar. It doesn't matter if it's circulating the air inside the car or taking in the outside air. When the AC is on, however, there is no weird smell...