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    Fairwell old friend

    I agree. Not a fan of what they've become. These days, for a real SUV, the Toyota 4Runner ticks the boxes for me. BOF, real 4x4, and can actually accomplish something that isn't getting stuck in anything more dangerous than an ill-maintainted parking lot. They can be pricey, though. And they...
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    Fairwell old friend

    I miss mine a lot. My dad had a black first gen when I was a teenager and into my 20's. I loved that thing. Was a '92 XLT, black with red pinstriping, red leather interior, sunroof, and JBL stereo. Later, he got a '94 XLT, tan leather, auto headlights, keyless entry. When he passed, it was given...
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    Rod knock? Engine toaat? w/ video

    My valvetrain was always noisy. This noise does not sound like that. Just a bit of light ticking until it warmed up. Does the noise decrease when warmed up? Mine got to the point where it burned a quart every 150 miles. Then one day she puked oil out of the dipstick tube and that was that...
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    Fender Solenoid

    Either of those should be fine. The NAPA one is probably better, and probably offers a warrenty. I always choose warrenty, even over an expensive alternative, because "free replacement" beats "you replace it" even if it is a less than $30 part. Though, I have no idea what the ebay part has for a...
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    Differences between years 1991-1994

    Yup, aftermarket. But hey, it works!
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    Differences between years 1991-1994

    2Stroke, I don't think that one's factory. I don't think they did remote start. Mine was square, had 3 buttons. Lock, Unlock, and a panic button. Programming was done with a "loose" (nothing hooked up to it) connector behind the removable panel in the left side of the cargo area by jumping it...
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    Differences between years 1991-1994

    What's your key fob look like? Mine was factory. What I meant was that on the Limited trim, the auto headlights, keyless entry, and a few other goodies were either standard or unavailable on other trim levels. Thought of another small difference over the years! They changed the markings...
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    Differences between years 1991-1994

    My '94 XLT had an oddball assortment of things. 6 digit odometer, EGR (all '94's had it), auto headlights (thought only limiteds had this), leyless entry (rare on any trim except Limited, I think), had the '95 style cargo cover, and a cutout on the left cargo interior panel for a power lock...
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    Fuel filter retainer clips

    I second getting a quick release tool. The metal kind. It will take some wiggling and swearing, but you'll do fine. Don't worry about those clips. Here's my tips: There is a switch under the carpet just under the dash on the passenger side. Disconnect it. Start the truck. It'll stall in a...
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    Just got a 93 Mazda Navajo ( one owner )

    If you don't need the 4x4, don't worry too much. If you do, there is a thread on fixing it here. The lumbar switch might be the culprit, or the pump itself. Luckily, the seats (don't worry about removing the track, just the seats. Otherwise you'll have to mess with the bolt for the seat belt...
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    motor oil

    I used Castrol High Mileage 5-w30. Changing your oil regularly is a good idea, even with synthetic or synthetic blends. They consider 75,000+ high miles. But even if you choose to use a conventional oil, you'll be fine if you change it every 3,000 miles and put in a new filter. Just my 2 cents.
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    91 XLT Alternator

    No upgrades to the wiring, bolts right in and hooks right up, same as factory.
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    91 XLT Alternator

    I would upgrade to the 130 amp alternator. I did, and it worked great for my aftermarket amp. Plus, you get a warrenty. It goes out again, you get a new one free. No fuss, no muss.
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    93 explorer jerks under wot

    I don't think it's the head or head gasket. But check your oil, anyway. :p I would do what jmdirk said, it covers all the things I can think of.
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    Motor oil question

    Why run 15-40? Do you have an oil consumption issue? I would say run 5W-30, as suggested. These engines have issues as it is with oil starvation.
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    Egr valve hole??

    Was doing work on my mother's Mercury. Ran into the same situation. Ya just don't think about them not including a new plate. Nor do you think, once you notice, that you won't get that old plate off because it has become one with the EGR valve. My brother stopped by as this was going on (he was...
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    New member 1994 Ford Explorer 4x4

    I -think- it's a 194 bulb, if I remember. The manual has it in there, too.
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    need help pulling harmonic balancer

    None of the auto parts stores have one to rent? They usually have a tool specifically for pulling them. If not, I'd say check ebay or elsewhere online. Someone's gotta have something!
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    power steering

    Yeah. I second that. Anything that involves hydraulics needs the right kind of lines and fittings. People who have tried to cheat (with power steering or brakes) have ended up very disappointed (or worse).
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    Rotor/Caliper smoking and undesirable scent.

    I would do both. You COULD also just need to clean up and grease the slide pins or the clips that hold the pads, too. Worth a look. :)
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    trans leak

    Easiest way to tell if there's any damage is to fix the line, add fluid, and go for a drive. Fingers crossed since it was a short distance that nothing got messed up!
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    Starting issues HELP

    Super easy to do! That's the good news. Advance Auto has remanned units with a lifetime warrenty. Other parts stores offer similar. Go with the warrenty. It breaks, you get a new one for nothing. Just photocopy that receipt. :p
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    Missing at low RPM

    I second that. Also, check the wires for any cracking or damage, and check the plugs themselves.
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    general question

    Yes. Mine moved on its own when the key was off to a slighrly lower than true position.
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    Passenger side electrical issue. I need help.

    New switches, I agree. Super easy to come by at salvage yards. Ford used those switches on a lot of vehicles. :)