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    4th Gen Shopping

    Well, I decided not to buy the Explorer. Mostly because I didn't trust the dealer to fix the A/C properly. Partly because I don't really want to mess with the spark plug issues. With 133k miles, if they are still the original plugs, I am certain to have problems from what I have learned. Still...
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    4th Gen Shopping

    So I drove the V8 tonight. No ticking so that part is good. It actually ran and drove perfectly. But...I found two things I want opinions on. 1. The radiator appeared to be filled with mostly water. It was pretty clear, I could feel a little stickiness from antifreeze but it sure didn't look...
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    4th Gen Shopping

    I have not yet test driven the 4.6, but I went and looked it over today and it's the cleanest 06 I've seen, so if it drives as good as it looks, I will make an offer.
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    4th Gen Shopping

    Do you think the 4.6 V8 is a better bet? I have an 06 with 130k miles also on my list of vehicles to check out. It is the 4.6.
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    4th Gen Shopping

    Thanks for the input! How durable have these engines been? Any reason to be concerned about the miles?
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    4th Gen Shopping

    I have been looking at 4th gen Explorers and Mountaineers. Today I found an 06 Mountaineer, 4.0 liter, loaded with leather seats and all the options. I found a coolant leak around the radiator, but couldn't figure out where it was originating from. The dealer will repair the leak and if all goes...
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    Thinking About An Upgrade

    Well, I really wanted the 07 EB to work out, but it had issues and the dealer couldn't resolve them fast enough for me. So I bought an 07 Grand Cherokee instead. Hope the Jeep forums are as useful and friendly as this one!
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    Thinking About An Upgrade

    Too late, I sold the 94 today.
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    Thinking About An Upgrade

    Also I should mention that for anyone in the Minnesota area my first gen is for sale if I proceed with the purchase of the 07. If there is any interest let me know quick because I may trade it in otherwise depending on what the dealer might offer me for it. It's got 166,400 miles and typical MN...
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    Possible 2007 Explorer EB Purchase

    Just got back from a short test drive in the 07. I really like it. Much smoother than my 1st gen, but then my old 1st gen is pretty well worn. Everything seemed to work just fine. It's in very nice shape except for some scratches on the rear bumper from loading and unloading, I suppose. I also...
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    Thinking About An Upgrade

    I just test drove an 07 Eddie Bauer. Being a 1st gen owner I found it interesting how I felt right at home in the 07 even though it's quieter and smoother in just about every way. Somehow it still has that "Explorer" feel I guess. The one I'm looking at has the 4.0 V6. How is this newer...
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    Possible 2007 Explorer EB Purchase

    I am seriously thinking about buying a 2007 Eddie Bauer edition. It has 61k miles and appears to be in pretty good shape cosmetically but I have not driven it yet. It has the 4.0 V6. I currently have a 1st Gen Ex that I really like but it has definitely seen better days. I will use the 07 as...
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    What are your thoughts?

    Agreed. It always amazes me when someone thinks just changing the fluid will solve a transmission issue. It pretty much never does.
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    Passenger Side Front Inner Bearing Won't Go On...Please Help!

    Kinda sounds like you have the wrong bearing, though I believe that's the correct part number. That doesn't mean the wrong bearing didn't get packed in the box by some half-assed factory worker. Trying going to Autozone and getting some Timkens, which are what is recommended by most on here any way.
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    How To: Replace All Your Locks + Ignition

    Nice write up. When I did my door locks, the new lock cylinders came with a new white plastic clip already attached, which was a good thing because on the driver side the old clip was broken. I got my parts at Autozone.
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    Washer on the hub won't stay tight?

    Is this little locking key properly inserted:
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    odd clunking noise

    Really hard to give you input over the Internet without actually looking at the vehicle, but from your description I would start by checking the wheel bearings and front u-joints.
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    Help, died in traffic

    If you think it's the fuel pump my question is: have you checked the fuel pressure?
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    Show of hands

    Looks like you got yourself a real nice truck there.
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    94 Explorer EGR issues

    There is also an EGR pressure sensor. It's relatively cheap and an easy install. I believe it senses the vacuum to the EGR valve so it could be your culprit. When I took the vacuum lines off mine, a ton of white powder fell out. I presumed this was bad and just replaced it.
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    Oil System Flushing

    Sounds like a minor drop in system pressure that you may need to investigate. But if the oil has been changed regularly, it's unlikely flushing the system will do much for you.
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    I used to have snowmobiles, but when I own snowmobiles it doesn't snow. So I gave up on the sport. Haha.
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    Oops, I fixed that. Bloomington, Minnesnowta. You can have it. Driving to work this morning will be a lesson in patience and I can only hope some skittish driver doesn't crash into me. And yes, it's December. I should probably do some Christmas shopping about now....
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    No...pretty hard to photograph myself while driving. Haha. But I did have zero problems getting around while others were slip-sliding away. Like the Chrysler minivan that spun right around in front of me. Trade ya. I freakin hate winter. Why I still live here I just don't know....
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    Sure glad I have the Ex today. 10" so far and still coming down.