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    Please vote for the Friends of Eldorado National Forest

    Pepsi is giving away $5K. Please click the link and vote for Please vote for the Friends of Eldorado National Forest
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    Boot or not to boot? That is the question!

    Ok, I toasted another passenger stub shaft. Figured I'd replace all the front passenger side axles, bearing etc. I couldn't get the yoke axles to seperate. After pounding them apart I came to the conclusion that the boot that covers the slip yoke is actually holding water and mud instead of...
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    Tellico Online Rally is ON!!!! Lets show some Exploder support!!!
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    Need a refresher course: Bent axle- 8.8 w/detroit

    Ok guys I need a refresher course, it's been so long since I've had to do anything with my 8.8. The passenger side axle is bent, you can see the whole caliper move up and down (kinda funny to watch). So if I remember right it the axle is held in by a clamp correct? This is pretty easy...
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    '87 F-250 leaking fuel from carb. Help please.

    As stated above I have a '87 F-250, with a 460 in it. Its leaking or should I say pouring gas from the carb. I'm pretty much clueless when it comes to carbs. I know not much info but any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Axle storage? Where and how do you guys store your spares??

    As stated above I want to bring a spare front and rear drive shafts to Moab and want to know where you guys are stashing yours and how you mounted/stored them. So lets hear your great ideas!
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    Frank Raines OHV (3/31/07) Anybody???

    There is a small run that weekend, around 7-10 rigs, mostly heeps. People are bring BBQ's so grab a pack of hot dogs or bring your tritip. Would be nice to get a few X's out there. I know wishful thinking but it can't hurt to ask.
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    Window tinting gurus, need some advice please.

    I have a Lexus LS 400 4 door. It's black with gray trim. I'm wanting to tint the windows but am clueless when it comes to tint % etc. I want to do the rear glass, the rear side glass. Can I do a little tint on the front side windows? I want it to be legal in Ca so I don't have to deal with the...
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    Who is running different coils with thier 5.5" superlift??

    OK my coils are sagging again and instead of replacing them again with the standard SL coils I was looking for other options. Wild horses??? Skyjacker 6" coils which I understand are softer??? So what you big dogs running?
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    Calico, So Cal Cleanup 2007 I didn't see this posted yet. Would be nice if some X's showed up. Not sure if I will make it or not.
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    Who's rebuilt thier Hi-lift???

    Ok I have a really bent pin and was going to buy a rebuild kit but wanted to see what you guys have to say. Any pointers? Seems like it should be pretty easy. Also where did you buy your rebuild kit??? Gracias!!!
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    This is great representation of our sport!!! What a dumb fu*k! Official caught off-roading in preserve By PAUL QUINLAN [email protected] VENICE -- In this 11-hour battle between mud and man, the mud won. It beat Chris Sharek...
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    Which GPS unit would you have Santa bring you this year?

    Ok you GPS gurus which GPS unit and why? I like Garmin but not sure which model??
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    Hollister Hills Ca Nov 11th anybody???

    Anyone interested?
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    Ummmm, Devo this is Ford site not a news site!

    Is it me or has anybody else noticed a ton of threads posted by Devo that has nothing to do with explorers?????? I usually don't say anything but when half the posts on one page are from him it gets kinda irritating. So am I just sour puss or do you guys agree? Oh and if this thread isn't...
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    Hollister Hills Nov. 4th with PBB

    A bunch of rigs are heading to Hollister the 4th and the 11th. I can't make the 11th but I will be there on the 4th just trying to figure out if I should camp or make it a day trip. I know no one will make it but figured I'd post anyways...
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    Moab '07 Poll to Choose a Date

    Trying to organize my trips next year and was wonder when we want to go next year??? So what does everybody think???
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    Anybody going to this? Johnson Valley Cleanup” by the Tin Benders on April 28,2007 They are having a kickass buggy they are raffling off. Some more info here on POR.
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    Running 35" tires with TTB, what are your back spacing etc

    Want to know the backspacing, wheel offset and rim size for those people running 35 inch tires with the stock TTB. Thanks!
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    What's the real federal deficit? Anywhere from $318 billion to $3.5 trillion????

    How is this possible? How can the government keep running this way??? No company in the world could survive using the US goverments tactics! Feedback please. What's the real federal deficit? Rob Portman, director...
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    Wish my truck flexed like this!
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    X on 44 inch Dick Cepec Fun Country tires

    This article is in his latest newsletter. Enjoy!
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    Automotive Customizers are willing to make us some snorkles.

    I talked with Mike the owner of Automotive Customizers, he is willing to make us some snorkles but needs donor vehicles to take measurments etc. He is located in Pompano Beach, FL. Anyone in that area interested? Here is a link to the current ones he makes...
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    Soybean-Fueled Car 0-60 in 4 secs and gets 50mpg (CBS) The star at last week's Philadelphia Auto Show wasn't a sports car or an economy car. It was a sports-economy car — one that combines performance and practicality under one hood. But as CBS News correspondent...
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    Video experts (Jefe and Stic-o) advice on making videos

    I know there are some people who know a lot about editing and making videos. Just looking for advice on software etc. Is there a program or something that you use to fade into and out of video clips. How do you add music. Basically any info or tips you people have would be great. I have never...