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    Low Oil Pressure warning at idle

    Ok, im having the same issue described here, and from what I can read, the fix is to replace oil pressure sensor ? right ?
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    Magnaflow Catback installed...

    Well... 5 years have passed, still own my explorer and still love the sound :chug:
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    Nitrous oxide on a 3.5 N/A engine ?

    Hi, im wondering if anyone has tried installing a nitrous oxide system on their explorer. Im thinking about a wet system, and go for a 30 to 50 hp shot. Anyone with experience on this ? Thanks.
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    2012 Limited Rim with 295's

    Hello, does any of you guys know if the original limited 20x8.5 Rim can handle a 295'45R20 tire? Thanks.
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    Electrical problems 2014 Limited EX

    Interesting, did it only happen once ?
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    Electrical problems 2014 Limited EX

    Hi, my brother was driving today from Ft Lauderdale to Saint Agustine on his 2014 Limited, suddenly the instrument pannel, the AC and the windshiend wipers turned off, and the car lost a lot of power, he took the nearest exit and turned the car off, and he was never able to turn it back on, but...
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    Explorer 'A' pillar replacement

    Ok, I went ahead and took some pics in the process... My exterior moulding broke a few months ago due to road debris, and the inner moulding took some damage, so I bough the new parts finally to replace them. SInce I had no exterior moulding, I started by removing the inner moulding...
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    2016 Explorer Platinum Battery Issues

    I have a 2012 base model, and ive been having battery issues since the first year, the original battery died after a year, and since then, ive had 3 more batteries dying on me, Ford checked everthing and didnt find anything wrong. So im still wondering, 4 batteries in 4 years ? I bought a...
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    Explorer 'A' pillar replacement

    Awesome, thank you so much, ill try that today :thumbsup:
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    Explorer 'A' pillar replacement

    Hi, does anyone know how to replace the exterior pillar mouldings ? I got the parts already, but im looking for a DIY on the installation process. I tried the search function here, and on youtube but nothing came up. Thank you very much. UPDATE: Scroll down for the DIY (hope it helps)
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    What did you do to your 5th Gen?

    There was a Magna Flow "group buy" on this forum a few years ago. heres the link... I think we ended up getting the whole system for around 450, or something like that, check if it still works.
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    What did you do to your 5th Gen?

    well.... i did this a long time ago.... but just wanted to share.... Magnaflow catback
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    Windshield wipers mechanism and horn problems

    Hi, I have a 2012, a few months ago the 2 tone horn stopped working and now I only get a weak "one tone" sound when I use it, do you guys know what do I need to buy, maybe the OEM part numbers ? Would it be better to buy some generic 2 tone horn on ebay for example ? Another problem I have...
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    My right ballast keeps on burning out

    Thanks good point, I always use the "auto on" feature :( That could be the problem
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    My right ballast keeps on burning out

    Thanks a lot, ive tried with DDM but the right ballast keeps on burning out, I guess I have an electrical problem on that side :(
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    My right ballast keeps on burning out

    Hi, I installed my aftermarket HIDs a few years ago on my 2012 Explorer, since then Ive had to replace my right ballast several times, Ive tried different brands, but the same result... after a few months, the right ballast burns out again and again. I even tried changin the position, hiding...
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    Rear Spoiler Removal Help

    Awesome, got it out, thanks
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    Rear Spoiler Removal Help

    Rear spoiler removal... brake light replacement Hi, I broke my rear brake light, the one in the middle of the spoiler, I got a new one online and now I need to replace it.... how do you remove the rear spoiler ? thanks a lot. Andy.
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    Debadged and Grayed Out XLT 2012

    Great job, it'll look amazing with bigger rims
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    Time for tires

    after 3K miles.... I must say.... the tires are holding up great, no road noise (well I have a K&N CAI and a Magnaflow Catback so maybe I cant hear the road noise LOL) Grip is OK, and thread pattern seems to be working fine on wet contitions. I would buy them again.
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    K&N Intake

    Hi Mike, is this what you have ? I think the only way to reduce the sound is going back to the OEM airbox, once we take that part away, we remove Ford's sound dampening device for the intake.
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    Time for tires

    Ok, I got the Atturo's, (275/45R20) so far...after 2 days of city driving and a 200 mile road trip, Id have to say the tires are performing very well, no noticeable road noise (well maybe I cant hear it because of the magnaflow catback LOL), the grip is very good while cornering, and im actually...
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    Time for tires

    Atturo Tires AZ800 - Review Anyone tried the Atturo Tires AZ800 ? Im about to pull the trigger on those for the EX, in 275-45-R20 The price is very decent and they are made by Federal. Ive been reading good reviews on different sites, so far. That...