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    Small factory hitch

    Anyone know how much the small factory hitch on an 05 Explorer is rated to tow? I am not talking about the full 2" hitch that comes with the tow package but the smaller hitch that the ones without the tow package have.
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    2002 vs. 2005

    Hi all, it has been a while since I have posted on here. I used to be a regular a few years ago but I traded my Explorer and moved on. I had a 2002 Limited and it was a pretty sweet ride. I am thinking of getting a 2005 model. My question is did the common problems with the 2002 models...
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    I just bought a ZJ

    I do not have my Explorer any longer. I traded for a 98 Grand Cherokee. I am not sure if I like it as good so far. It has an annoying rattle from the dash or maybe steering column. I have had no luck trying to find it and fix it. The dual solid axles are very nice though. It has a lot...
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    Thanks for all the help guys

    I finally sold my Explorer. Thanks for all the help over the past couple of years guys. This is probably the best forum I have ever been a part of. You guys are helpful and classy compared to the other places I have gone.
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    What to look for when buying a 2nd gen

    I recently sold my 3rd gen Explorer and I am thinking about picking up a 2nd gen. I can get a good deal on a clean one with around 100k on the clock. On 3rd gens the transmission usually goes out around 100k and the wheel bearings are not far behind. Are these problems on the 2nd gen. I have...
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    which tow hooks

    Anyone know which tow hooks will fit a 3rd gen? I think some of the ones off an F150 will work but I am not sure.
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    Ball Joints

    The boot on my upper ball joint is cracked. Is this a safety issue? How urgent is it to fix it?
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    Off Road performance gains

    I was wondering how much benefit one would gain from a lift on an Explorer. You can already put 265s on a stock Explorer. To go to 285s you need about 6 inches of lift. Seems like doing 2 or 3 inches of lift is more for looks than anything. I suppose it helps your break over angle but your...
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    Sway bars

    How important are sway bars? If I took it off would it matter?
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    I did not mean to go off roading. I was just looking for a spot to camp. I took the lift and big tires off the car a while back and I was missing them.....
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    Who has the most miles on their Explorer

    I have 135k on mine with a rebuilt transmission and new rear wheel bearings. I am hoping it will go a long time without any more major repairs. Anyone over 200k?
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    Camping out of your explorer

    Anyone ever camp out of their explorer? I learned again last night that tents suck. I am going to try sleeping int he Ex next time.
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    Trim Color

    I painted all the plastic trim along the bottom of my Explorer flat black a while back. I am kinda tired of it now. I am thinking of painting it white to match the rest of my truck. Anyone got a white limited with white trim? If so could you throw up a pic so I can see what it would look like?
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    locking dash

    My dash does not lock, anyone know an easy way to change this? I might want to have something in there that the kids do not need access too....
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    I got my Explorer back today

    It was in the shop almost two weeks while they did the rebuild on the transmission. I am not sure about it yet though. It shifts a little hard. Maybe it will settle down after the computer has time to adapt. It has a one year warranty with unlimited miles so if it does not clear up I will...
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    Going in for the tranny rebuild this week

    They quoted me $1400 and it comes with a 12 month warranty with unlimited mileage. That is not as bad as some I have heard about.
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    Older model transmission

    Does anyone know if you can swap in an older model Ford Transmission in a 3rd gen explorer? I wonder if there is an adapter kit so you can install an old C-6?
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    Solenoid B

    I took my Explorer to Advance Auto and had them read the error code. It said that solenoid B was bad in the transmission. Replacing the solenoids would be cheaper than getting a rebuild. I am going to have a different shop take a look at it for me Wednesday. It is still shifting and...
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    How long to transmission failure?

    How long after getting the flashing O/D indicator and the check transmission message until the thing craps out completely?
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    Big tires equals warning lights?

    Any one get any warning lights on the dash after installing bigger tires?
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    What to do

    I have replaced both rear wheel bearings. My transmission is going out. If I replace it will I have all the weak points fixed? I have 131k on it now. What are my odds of making it another 50k with no major repair bills if I get the trans rebuilt?
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    Wiring Harness for aftermarket radio

    I am trying to install an aftermarket CD player in my Explorer. I bought a wiring harness at Wal Mart so that I would not have to cut the factory connectors off. It listed my model Explorer as one it would work for. When I got it home though it would not work. The connectors are completely...
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    Check transmission!!!

    I am going down the road the other day and it beeps at me and the O/D indicator starts flashing and the message center reads "check transmission". I pull over and shut it off and then crank it back up. The message goes away and has not returned. Think it was a fluke or a sign of impending...
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    CD player wont eject CDs

    I have the 6 disc changer and it will not eject my CDs, or play them. Any ideas? The radio part still works.
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    recalibrate speedometer

    I called my local dealer and they said they could not do it. Anyone else had it done after adding larger tires? I would like for my it to read correctly.