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    coolant purging sounds like a knock

    thanks that's what I thought but ive tried everything to bleed it out I even stuck it nose up on the steepest hill I could find but I still have the problem :( my temp guage acts normal heats up then has the first drop when thermo opens the sits a little under half way up still havnt lost...
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    coolant purging sounds like a knock

    i have read thru alot of the threads here and it seems most people with this problem have a guage that fuxuates too i do not have this problem even though it sounds like someone is kicking my passanger firewall i can feel it most up by my thermostat which was also replaced
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    coolant purging sounds like a knock

    so i have a 91 explorer that recently got new water pump, radiator and lower intake gaskets. now i have a knocking noise at idle after the motor warms up. the noise is mainly at idle or a slow cruising speed. i can feel the coolant purging in the upper radiator hose. also when i raise the idle...