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    2020 ST rear cargo light

    How does the rear cargo light on the right hand side illuminate? Opening the rear hatch does nothing. Using the overhead console switches all interior lights on except the rear area light. The second row controls only operate the lights overhead for the particular seat. Am I missing anything...
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    IPod/USB SYNC 3.4 Problems

    New owner of a 2020 ST in Atlas Blue with Street and Technology. I try to connect my I pod Classic to the USB and it rarely comes up as an audio source. The Ipod is good, the cable is good. What I've found is if I do a factory reset with Sync, then the ipod appears as a source and plays...
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    2013 Explorer Sport Towing capabilities

    I recently ordered a 13 Sport with the towing package. I'm coming from an 06 Limited V8 Explorer and this towed my 2 Sea Doo watercraft on a double trailer like a dream. Never knew the trailer was behind me. Obviously, I hope the 13 Sport is up to the task. I'm not worried about the towing...