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    FordPass Connection Issue

    2018 Platinum, though I can still lock/unlock and remote-start, the listed date for updating mileage, oil life and tire pressure is now 4 days old (2/12/22) even though I have tried many times to "update" the data by swipping the app down on my iphone. Really weird if you ask me. I have...
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    Wireless Charger Mod?

    Searched our database and still don't see anyone's creative success. Somebody has surely come up with a way to mount a wireless charger in our Explorers. Short of just plopping one of those discs down at the front of the console, we need a collective "think tank" approach to the challenge...
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    Tire Rotation TPMS

    When rotating the tires on my '18 Platinum, do the pressure sensors relearn positions themselves or is a relearn required. If a relearn, what is the procedure? Thanks in advance.
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    Checking Transmission Fluid

    Okay, went out to check fluids, search for leaks and just stare at my 2018 Platinum 3.5EB. I even removed the beauty cover just to take a look. All was great, with a small exception that 36K mileage has put some debris in places. I blow that out another day. To the point, I wanted to check...
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    LED Turn Signals but Without Hyper-Flash

    I want to change the turn signal bulbs, front and rear on my '18 Explorer Platinum. I am afraid of the hyper-flash and wondering what others have done. Specific bulb? Add resistors? I have ordered these and will keep my fingers crossed.
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    Radio Won't Tune 87.7

    Hello Hive, 2018 Platinum here with nothing but smiles currently. New radio station in the Memphis area, 87.7 BUT I can only access down to 87.9. Suggestions? Be safe.
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    Dark While Running

    2018 Explorer Platinum. How can I have the X running at night but NOT have any front and rear lights on? Doing the Garth Brooks Drive In concert and will need the air running. Thanks ahead.
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    Dark-Mode Work around?

    I am wanting to be able to have the exterior lights on my '18 Limited totally dark when I am just sitting with the engine running. I see where this is referred to as "dark mode" and seems to be paired with the PIU model. Is there a work-around to accomplish this? With all the computations...
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    GDI Clarification on '18 Platinum

    Hello Explorer-Land I need some clarification on whether my '18 Platinum is just GDI or also PFI. My question is in regards to preventative maintenance for valve deposits. I currently feed the EX with 93 octane from a top-tier supplier. She runs better, more power and a couple MPG's as...
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    FORScan Near Memphis

    Hey Explorer Community, Living near Memphis, I am looking for someone willing to make a couple of changes to my '18 Platinum. I know I want the lane-change blinker increased to 6/7 blinks instead of 3 and any other that might enhance my experience. AND what are your favorite changes to the...
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    LED Rear Direction Bulb ?

    Has anyone experience with changing the WY21W rear direction bulb to LED? I am wondering if there is a hyperflash problem AND if they are happy with the change. Thanks ahead.
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    Sync 3 Mic Location

    Where is the microphone located on my '18 Platinum that operates Sync 3 phone connection and voice controls? Thanks ahead.
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    Sensor for Auto Dimming Mirrors

    Does anyone know the location for the sensor that dims the driver's and rear-view mirror? I am just curious since there is no visible photoelectric cell in the rear-view mirror that is visible. Thanks ahead Barry
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    1st Mod on 2018 Platinum

    Hello everyone, New here, but a "forum" member for decades. Corvette Forum and Glock Forum are the two longest-running homes for me. Just wanted to say I am enjoying the '18 Platinum. Lots of premium appointments AND that wonderful Ecoboost powerplant. I am always looking to better any...