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  1. J

    Problem with Echo Spring C clip eliminator

    So the slip part of the axle shaft has such a good seal, the echo spring does not have enough pressure to push the shaft back towards the diff. I get a tapping/knocking noise over every little bump. Anyone run into this. Considering running the internal spring in addition maybe. I can move the...
  2. J

    Desolate Motorsports Dana 35 Spindle Pinch Lock Nut So I finally went to put these on using manual locking hubs inner nut and lock washer. Unfortunately the D.M. pinch nut doesn't go past all the threads, so the splined washer and snap ring wont fit on the axle shaft either...
  3. J

    Driveshaft U-Joints Part Numbers?

    So bear with me. I have been searching for these part numbers for a while on here, rock auto, google, etc. but as far as the rear shaft is concerned I find 2 different sizes. 1994 Sport 4x4 Manual Trans Front Shaft: 153x - Three, 1-forward position, 2-double cardan position. Double cardan...
  4. J

    New 94 owner in PNW

    Been looking at used explorers for a while and decide on a 1st gen. Picked up a 1994 Sport 5 speed. High miles but engine is strong and idles smooth. I haven't really gone through it since the weather, but all the electronics work, rust is minimal. Ordered up all the tie rod ends, ball joints...
  5. J

    Which year factory repair manual set?

    I'm in the market for a 1st gen, don't really care what year. But I want to buy a set of manuals to get some knowledge. What year set would you buy? Is there much of a difference between 91 and 94? Thanks.