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    Is this real or a scam?

    I got this email today and have not hit the link to it cause you never know... Is this real or is it some sort of scam? Copy and paste below.... Steele et al. v. PayPal, Inc. et al., Civil Action No. 1:05-CV-01720 (ILG)(VVP) Notice from Federal Court. Please Read. You may be...
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    Wax on White Painted Cars

    I was wondering if anyone found a great wax to use on white painted cars? The reason I ask this, I always have used PS21 and I live by that stuff. That is some great wax, but it is for dark colors. Yes, it can be used on light colored cars too, but it doesn't do them justice like red or black...
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    Carpet Shampoo - What really works?

    I need to shampoo some carpets in some vehicles around here. Anyone know what really works good and easy...
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    Halloween Vent

    I love Halloween. But I must vent off some... Why in the world do people take take out there 2-6 month old child in a stroller and beg for candy for them? The child has no clue as to what is going on and there is the parent holding a bag out for them. I just don;t understand this.. Or the...
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    What is wrong with site?

    New posts are not moving to top right now. Is the site having some problems today?
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    Halloween and Haunted Houses

    Been awhile since I have visited a good haunted house. I hate the ones that are mostly pitch black and then some idiot with a chainsaw jumps out. Not like you can't smell that a mile away... But I remember a few years back, someone rented a 3 story building in downtown Houston. It did costs...
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    Aircraft Just Crashed into Apartment building in NY

    My first thought was, "Here we go again"... It has just happened and is live on CNN...
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    I am rich too, read this...

    Dear Sir / Madam, I have no other means to send you this important message if not through email because your contact information is limited to me. I am Mr.Azzam Mahmud, Chairman of the Tender Committee in one of the leading oil company. My Committee is principally concerned with payment...
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    CD Stuck, how do I remove it?

    CD Stuck, how do I remove it from the head-unit? The wife put in a homemade CD with Christmas songs into the Ford radio. Now it will not eject out or play, just gives an err message. Does anyone know how to I remove it from the head unit?
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    The Jury Has Spoken.... 16.6 mil....

    Too hard to read... This doesnt show all of the facts...
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    Trick or Treat

    Hey Mister, Got a Bone?
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    Flood Victims from New Orleans

    What a mess.... My wife and I have taken in over 20 people right now from New Orleans. These people have lost everything. They own nothing. Our church also has taken in over 100 people with the same. Allot of children that are so innocent and have no idea what is going on is effected by this...
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    Don't support this jerk. Don't open there threads of free junk. It is nothing more than SPAM at work. YUCK, I hate spam.
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    Crude Oil Prices Hit Record High...

    And are still on the rise. This means that gasoline is soon to follow. I talked to a freind at Shell Oil recently about the stability of the Crude Oil Market, and he states, "You haven't seen anything yet"!!! Gasoline prices in July and August will be record highs as the market for Crude Oil is...
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    The Search For "Spindlecone"...

    Flew all the way to San Jose looking for poor old Bill. But he wasn't home. Anyone seen my lost friend? If found, please show him the light. For he is missed.
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    NFL Draft.. Who will your team select?

    Saturday is a new day for potential millionaires. So who will your team select?
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    Special Notice to those Concerned.

    I shall be away for awhile. I am putting this POS of a computer in the shop for major repairs. Cannot stay connected and running and sometimes/most of the time, it will not boot back up. Lost a sell cause I did not get a notice of payment. My fault for loaning out my laptop. Bill...
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    Major Computer Problems, Any Ideas???? Someone may have already been here, LOL.

    OK, first off, my computer is a home made computer and not a Dell or Compaq. A friend in VA built it for me and sent it to me. Worked great now for 2 years, but now death is upon it. Here is what is going on. If I leave the computer on all the time, in a air conditioned house, it will lock up...
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    The Pope Has Passed...

    God has opened his gates to Heaven to accept yet another fine Human Being... May God Bless...
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    Madman on the Lam in Atlanta

    This is sick. This guy has nothing to lose now. I hope no one else get's killed before they find him. Already dead are a Judge, Court Reporter, a Deputy Sheriff and he wounded another female Deputy. I heard there may be another person dead for there car and possible money, but not confirmed yet...
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    I have an interesting mod. Floor shifter in automatic Explorers. Would it work?

    I am always thinking of ways to make an Explorer easier and prettier, LOL. But while driving the 03 Taurus that we have, I started thinking about the floor shifter. It has a nice console with a real nice shifter and looks about like an Explorer has, of course without the shifter. So that takes...
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    Shipping Leather Seats

    Has anyone shipped seats before? I have no idea how to do it and need some ideas. Do you wrap them or box them and who do you ship them through? Any suggestions would be great.
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    Single Biggest Modification I Did

    I see allot of questions about what to do to get the most bang for your buck. As some know, I spent a small fortune on my 1998 Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition with a 4.0L SOHC with a 4.10 rear end. The single most impressive thing I did was run a flasher on it. I have used a Jet chip before and...
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    Curiosity question about V-8 installs in 2nd gens

    I know the present engine is a 302 in the Explorers. But if you had to pull one and replace it, could you actually put a bigger engine in it instead of another 302? I was thinking today that my old Malibu had a 350 in it and they also had 305's. Those Chevrolet engines are the same in size as...
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    Good News About AirDams

    I have talked to Dave V. at Explorer Express and they have finally found someone to continue making the AirDams we like so much for the Explorers. The first ones that will be made will be for the 99-01 models. Then the 98 down models. They are due out late March, early April.