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    Best Auxiliary Transmission Coolers

    I installed a cooler like the Rapid-Cool in the Hayden link of Arco777's post in our '92 auto/4WD. It was the largest flat plate style that is about 4 or 5 times the size of the factory cooler in front of the radiator and had "Borg Warner" stamped on it. Also, I added an engine oil filter in the...
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    1992 Explorer XLT Pinging Problem. Tried EVERYTHING. HELP

    Voltage jumping around can also be a bad voltage regulator. Try hooking up a VOM for awhile to rule out the gauge being bad. If the regulator is acting up the voltage could jump up to 17v and the battery should keep it from going under 12.5v. Corroded cables/poor connections will add resistance...
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    1993 explorer coolant leak?

    I had a van that was losing coolant mysteriously and the symptoms were similar to the original post. On a hot day after driving a couple of miles a few minutes after shutting off the engine a small stream of steam could be seen coming from the lower radiator hose. It didn't leave a puddle of...
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    Vacuum Tree

    I've considered replacing the fitting on the engine with a single port and rerouting all the lines to a new tree mounted on the fender liner somewhere. There's a firewall mounted vacuum tree on the '86-'93 Mustang that looks interesting. That way the only line getting heat of the engine would be...
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    Vacuum Tree

    Just curious, how many miles on the engine and has the timing chain ever been replaced? Our first '92 had 219k on the original engine and the back fire on startup was getting worse and worse after it had over 100k. I had a 351w in another vehicle with very similar symptoms and after changing the...
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    PLEASE HELP vacuum lines popping off the vacuum tree

    Our '92 blew was leaking coolant and blew a freeze plug - the furthest one forward on the driver's side of the block. All the other freeze plugs looked fine. All the freeze plugs on our 2nd '92 look good. All the plugs on the '93 are also good, except for the one furthest forward on the driver's...
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    PLEASE HELP vacuum lines popping off the vacuum tree

    If you ever need to change the water pump I'd go after the timing chain, too. Our '92 blew a rusty freeze plug, overheated and cracked a head (or blew a gasket) at 215k. It is almost all original - entire engine/trans/rear axle/cat. The kids were learning to drive in it. They got to know where...
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    PLEASE HELP vacuum lines popping off the vacuum tree

    How many miles on your '94? Has the timing chain been replaced? Even when the hoses are soft they shouldn't come off with vacuum in them, it's when there is pressure in the intake manifold that they'll blow off. That pressure or "sneezing" is generated when the engine rotation reverses. When my...
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    Fuel Fill Hose Leaking

    I can understand why that is the case in the northeast, but out here in the southwest there are still lots running around and quite a few in the junkyards.
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    Weird new theory: Replaced everything - still overheats

    Hopefully you didn't leave tap water in it. The minerals can cause scaling and clog things.
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    Weird new theory: Replaced everything - still overheats

    If you really think there is an air bubble behind the thermostat causing the problem try this. Some thermostats come with a small hole drilled in the plate around the valve to allow trapped air to escape. The hole must be positioned at the top the of the thermostat when installed to be most...
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    Need help finding parts

    Where are you? Do you have 4wd or 2wd? Do you need a spindle or axle? Your parts should be readily available in the junkyards these days. You would probably want to replace bearings and such in used parts, but I think a 4wd spindle would be under $200 in the yard I go to.
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    hvac controls or motor?

    It is a lot easier to get to those 2 screws with a nut driver if you pull the air cleaner box. You can get them with a small wrench leaving the box in, but it is far easier to get them back in with the box out. Poke the screws thru some duct tape and wrap it around the nut driver to hold them...
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    Another Rough Idle Problem

    When you put it in gear does it chug like it's misfiring or surge? Misfiring (chug) would be more likely electrical - low system voltage, computer, high resistance connections/ground, intermittent crank sensor input. Surging could be a clogged fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, low fuel...
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    interchangeability of door latches?

    What specifically is wrong with your latches? There are many parts cars out there now. The rods and latches don't usually wear out, but the nylon clips for the rods break from age/heat/use. The springs for the handle break, too, but the latches still work fine. The first things to break for me...
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    Timing Chain Fixed Problems

    I recently picked up a Cloyes timing set and the box says they are made in the USA.
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    Problem with starting sometimes?

    Just because it's brand new, doesn't mean it's working properly. What is the battery voltage before/during starting and after running? Are all the electrical connections good and solid, cables not corroded inside, grounds tight?
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    Intermittent loss of power

    Check the electrical connections to ensure the PCM is getting proper voltage and ground, it may be cutting out. Those battery connections look corroded in the picture. If it's cutting out quick and clean it's probably electrical. If it's hesitating or faltering it's probably fuel/mixture.
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    Got some questions on my setup

    Check all the freeze plugs, too, particularly the left front block plug. Two of our 3 Explorers have had that one rust out. Weird how only that plug has gone bad.
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    93 xlt axle code D1?

    43 - 3.08 non-limited slip We use ours for light duty commuting and changing from a 3.73 to a 3.08 made little difference in off-line acceleration and hill climbing. Most of the 91-94s I've seen in the junkyard (40+) have the D4 axle. The rest have been 41 and 43.
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    I know it's been discussed before

    Depends on his rear gear ratio. I think a "base" 4dr 2wd XLT Explorer comes with a 43 axle, 3.08 gears. Our '93 2wd is a "base" XLT with 3.08 gears and the rpms are in the range 1750-1900 at 65mph. Our '92 is also a "base" XLT and had the optional heavy duty axle with traction lock and 3.73...
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    Have you rebuilt your starter?

    I wonder if weather differences between Mississippi and South Dakota could account for different parts wearing out? I think high humidity can affect DC motor brushes. Can road salt be getting into the solenoids in South Dakota?
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    Have you rebuilt your starter?

    Couldn't banging on the starter also loosen a sticky solenoid? I think these are part no.s for the solenoid - SMP SS362 & drive - SMP SDN241.
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    90TM, 93TM head questions

    Are there any visible casting differences between the German and Australian heads? There's usually some minor difference, even with Ford heads, when cast at different plants.
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    Battery Light On, Yet Alternator is Charging?

    I know my comment is about an older post, but I don't think it is accurate. I always thought the alternator supplies all the power to run the vehicle when it is working, except when the load exceeds its output. When the battery is "pushing" at 12.6v the current will flow out, but if the...