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    broke lug studs

    i have a 99 xplorer. snaped off all 5 lugs on the rear. do u have to pull the axle shaft to change the lugs or can it be done with out pulling the shaft?
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    33x12.50x17 on a 17x7.5 rim?

    i have a free set of 33s. but no rims. found a set for 300 bucks. just need to know if my 12.50s would fit on a 7.5 rim
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    PATS not working?

    the alarm light is not flashing in my 99 xplorer. would this couse me to loose power to every thing. ive got no lights,dash lights,or nothing.
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    99 xplorer bodylift,now no power

    Just put a 3inch bodylift on a 99 xplorer. Ive got head lites. But it want turn over, no radio and windows want roll down. Thats just what ive found out so far.
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    steering extension question

    Needing to know what to do... the steering extension with the p883 kit is to small on top top and to big on the bottom to slide onto the steering. Need to know how to modify it.
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    Stonecrusher Arm Extensions?

    im looking in to gettin a set of the Stonecrusher Arm Extensions. any one here run them on their xplorer. if so are how do u like them.
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    B2 bodylift

    I found a good deal on a 3in bodylift for a b2. Would the kit work on a 94 explorer. I may need to get a few more blocks to go with the kit,but will the steerin ext work also.
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    dana 35

    how tough is the dana 35 ifs. i was wanting to put 33s on my 99 ex.
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    Borg Warner 1354 Electrical

    ive got a Borg Warner 1354 Electrical in a 94 ex. i was wanting to put it my 99 ex. frist will the 94 front drive shift work with the 99 front end and will the 4wd wire sys. work on the 94 t-case. maybe with the brown wire mod. thanks
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    dirt cheap built!

    finlly get to start on my ex. so far ive got 60 bucks in it. only thing is the a4ld is going bad.have a free set of 33x12.50. 17s. just needs rims. i was thinking of the 3in body with the 2in leveling kit. oh yea its got 3.27 gears so them bad boys has to go. any cheap ideas out there.
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    rear main seal help leak help

    i just changed my oil and the rear main seal is leaking. has any one ever tried any of that stuff u add to ur oil when u change it. i think its called stop leak or something.
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    a4ld rebuilt or not?

    do they make any kits that beef up the tranny. if not what other auto would work in a 94 ex 4x4. thanks
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    timeing chain rattel?

    ive got a 1999 explorer with the dohc 4.0. it sounds like the lifters even after ive changed the oil. but it only does it when its hot out side. any ideas?
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    need help please

    I have a 1999 explorer with a auto transmission. The gear shifter has broke/come loose. I tried to take the car out of park and put it into gear, but the shifter just drops to 1st without the transmisson changing gears with it. Any ideas?
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    leaf springs

    is the chevy leaf swap only for rangers or can it be done on the explorers
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    going v-8 but......

    i just got my hands on two explorers. one is a 94 with the 4.0 and auto tranny. the other is a 96 5.0 awd. will the tranny mount work on the 94 frame or will i have to make one. also i swaping the computer and wire harness form the 96 in to the 94..... will it hook up with my head lights and...
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    new toy

    i just got a 94 explorer. im thinking about takeing a 5.0 out of a 2000 some thing all wheel drive. would it be better to use the tranny thats with the 5.0 and change the t-case. or change the tranny to? im useing all the wireing form the v-8 comptuer and all. but anit sure about the tranny...
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    t cases

    what year model cases wilbolt up to the 99 4.0 with a auto trans. seems like ive read that the ones from the broco 2s would work?
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    4 link

    any one know any thing on how to go about getting started on a 4 link susp
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    which body lift

    is the pa 883 body lift the only one that works with the 99 explorer
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    has any one tried the proformance chips on e bay
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    just woundering

    are the v6 and the v8 a arms and tbars the same or will the v8 give a little lift to a v6 explorer