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    GPS colors

    After years with a 2008 factory GPS, we took the new 2021 Explorer XLT on a short trip leaving in daylight and returning late at night. I was amazed at how poor the display is...all to do with colors. Really, medium light gray roads on a light gray background? Really can't see the side roads...
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    Gen IIs still on the road.

    I had a '97 XLT 4.0 OHV with a 5 speed manual and 4WD that went beyond 300K miles before I sold it. Besides having to drop the trans to replace the clutch slave cylinder every 100K miles, it was pretty reliable and did everything from pulling a trailer, to long trips, to off road maintaining...
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    Changes during 4th generation

    We have an early build (October '07, I think) 2008 Mountaineer V8, AWD, Tow package, fully loaded. It has a cap-type fuel filler. Bought it still under warranty in 2010 and now have about 95K on it. Issues: one of the deployable running boards motor failed and I replaced it from a junkyard part...
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    Power running board broke, lots of Qs

    Whoops! I have the driver's side power board with a bad motor, was thinking how nice I saved it, but now I see you need the passenger side. Check the online parts listings for salvage parts for the board, that is how I located a replacement for mine when the motor failed.
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    Dome lights 4wd hi lo flashes 6 times no power windows

    I believe all of those are controlled by the GEM the rear and/or front wipers.
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    '97 EGR valve test for P0402

    Thanks! The vacuum tube was a bit stuck, but no change in idle when pulled, so that is a good indication that valve is certainly looks pretty rough from the outside. I've ordered a new one and then will see if I can get this thing off, that might be a challenge. This truck has over...
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    '97 EGR valve test for P0402

    My '97 XLT with OHV 4.0 V6 and 5-spd manual is idling roughly and throws a P0402 code. That suggests the EGR valve is not closing at idle, I think. Online searches suggest manually operating the valve to see if it is the valve or the vacuum solenoid. Any idea how to do that? Does the diaphragm...
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    97 with tape player keeps spitting tape out

    Probably the adapter. If the wheels in the adapter get stiff the deck thinks it is at the end of the tape and will try and change sides. They have to keep spinning freely to work as a substitute tape. Just get a new adapter.
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    Help! Installing Auto-Dim Mirror ( Without ripping it off the windshield )

    Sounds more like there is a problem with the glue used for the button! There is some sort of kit to reinstall that button, and most guys break the windshield before it will come off. That said, there is usually a sort of release clip in the mirror mount that needs to be depressed to remove the...
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    Remote Start/Lock

    I have a '97 XLT with manual trans that came with power locks, but not remote locking. a few years ago when the mechancal key locks were getting hard to use I found I could buy a remote lock system off ebay from China for $13 delivered to my door that included 2 remotes and the receiver. It was...
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    97 Explorer 4wd troubles!

    That sounds like it could be the problem. Is your alternator working OK?
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    97 Explorer 4wd troubles!

    Do the front wheels turn when you select 4wd-Hi or 4wd-Lo? Either of these settings should lock the clutch pack on in the transfer case. Even in 4wd-Auto the clutch pack should engage 10% of the time, so the wheels should be turning if unloaded.
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    4th generation 4x4 Explorer (not AWD)

    The vibration is likely the transfer clutch engaging. The way it shifts varying amount of power to the front and still releasing driveline stress in turns is by engaging the clutch pack many times each second and varying the length of time it stays closed. So, in normal situations it is closing...
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    2008 Explorer - HVAC fan won't turn off

    Likely that is the blower motor control module in the 2-zone auto-A/C system. Same happened to ours. You can get the part from Rockauto:,carcode,1441674,parttype,6557 for under $80 and it is pretty easy to get to.
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    Tire/Wheel Question

    They'll "fit", but as I recall they will rub in full-lock turns. 30" are no problem, though.
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    update Navigation DVD?

    Looks like a copy as the original discs have a picture on them.
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    update Navigation DVD?

    I've updated about every 2 years, but always at a discounted price from eBay sellers. There were lots of changes that showed up from the 6P to 8P versions, but fewer since then. If you've still got the original map from 2006 you would do well to just pick up a used 10P which is 2-3 years old but...
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    4WD - 4WD Low on dash?

    I am away from my manuals at home, but I think it is behind the radio in the center. There may be some accessible manuals online.
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    4WD - 4WD Low on dash?

    All of those functions are controlled by the GEM computer. Hopefully, it has not failed. Check the fuses and power connections.
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    Passenger Side Rear view mirror

    The glass just pops off and if it is the heated mirror there is a connector to pull off. The company I got the replacement glass from even included a detailed color instruction sheet on the procedure.
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    Disabling navigation lockout

    Easy to do, and well worth it. This is for the Ford Nav unit used through at least the 2008 models, this mod allows you to access POI's and enter full addresses while the vehicle is in motion. Here we go! 1. Take vehicle outside and agree to nav instructions. The gps needs to know its...
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    How does the AUTO button work in a 4x4 Ford Explorer?

    I may be, at that. I've actually never had an AWD system that had a VC. Part of that comment came from seeing a YouTube video "Testing Viscous Coupling" that showed a lot of wheel spin with one wheel off the ground, although admittedly the other axle did turn some.
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    How does the AUTO button work in a 4x4 Ford Explorer?

    The Control Trac transfer case uses an electronically activated clutch mechanism (Borg-Warner design, same as used on a Hummer) that engages the power to the font axle by increasing the "on" time something like 60 times a second. Normally it is supplying around 10% of the power to the front...
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    4WD issue 1996 Explorer XLT Control Trac

    There is a clutch pack in the T-case that applies power to the front drive shaft. I thought the front axle vacuum disconnect was a mechanical connection (my 97 doesn't have that as the front axle is always connected), but if it also a clutch that could be the trouble. Failure of the front axle...
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    4WD issue 1996 Explorer XLT Control Trac

    Sort of sounds like maybe the clutch pack is weak in the transfer case, but frankly I am guessing now. If everything switches in correctly as you describe, but you can't get any traction from the front under load, then maybe that clutch pack is slipping. My '97 with manual transmission is all...