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    Water pump failure leads to dead engine

    Use an oil extractor if you just want to take a sample and not do a full change. But normally oil/coolant mixed together looks like chocolate milk and won't have that deep black of used motor oil. It probably would have been obvious on the last change if it looked that way.
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    Explorer Code P0016

    So my Explorer started throwing a code for P0016 - Crankshaft position - Camshaft position correlation - Bank 1 Sensor A This seems to very common on the ecoboost engines and there is a TSB out for the trucks so I dropped it off at the dealer today for them to look it over. Got a call back a...
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    Lund tuner, can you guys get ECU strategy code?

    The tuner does pull it down, but I have never seem a way to display it. I only know because my first time my tube wouldn't load and was told mine was a different strategy at the time.
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    2.0 Ecoboost engine noise when let off throttle

    When you get on it hard it should be at full boost, a sharp let off will cause the bypass valve to recirculate the pressure back into the intake, i'd bet it's something on that end that is making the noise. most likely harmless, but i'd have the dealer check it out next time if you aren't...
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    Sub 13 Second Daily Driver Build

    I don't really see there being much if any gains from the intakes and catbacks. I'd say if you want to be into the 12's the quickest and easiest way would be with a custom tune to run meth and more boost (you'd need it tuned for a 3 bar as well). Seeing how you don't want to run meth fueling...
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    Mileage on Delivery?

    Two different hose clamps have blown off, the door creaks any time it moves from a stop, the Air bag light keeps coming on and off intermittently, had a water leak in the third row, smell from the exhaust in the car, squeaky brakes, mirror wind noise/whistle, rough idle, and the no shift issue...
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    Mileage on Delivery?

    69.1 miles on a brand new custom ordered vehicle... It did come with some BS looking sticker saying my new vehicle was selected at random for road testing...I'm not buying it but didn't seem like much recourse other then denying delivery and requesting a new vehicle after waiting months...
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    Average age of 5th gen. owners

    My wife and I decide on all cars together. She got to pick her last car, a 2010 Audi A4. We knew we needed a family vehicle and my only rules are 1.) no mini vans, 2.) must be reasonably fast. She was 30, I was 31 (both +1) now and just had our second kid and it's a nice overall size but...
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    Is anyone satisfied with their sport?

    I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder....but that grill on the MKT is hideous.
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    How to get better Gas Mileage?

    Good luck, my pig seems to run around 15mpg most of the time...
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    Gas Spillage.

    Yes, you should be able to fill it up to the first auto shut off. One thing you should do is wait a few seconds before pulling the hose out. This gives it time to train the line into the tank. If you pull it too fast it will drain out, even a little blurb about it in the manual. That said...
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    Can I buy directly over the net

    call or email the dealers internet sales guy. Most have one, if they don't talk to the fleet manager, they will normally order the car quick and easy without all the sales bs. This is what I did and did almost everything over email.
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    1/4 Mile Run Times

    Wheel hop normally isn't that bad in mine unless it's in sand mode, which i just don't do anymore. The only real fix i can think of right now without a suspension overhaul is to either let off on the shift a little or allow the torque management to remain and do its job.
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    1/4 Mile Run Times

    The SS tune i've been testing is pretty much 15.2 with a peak of mid 16's which may just be a sensor anomaly. Going to go back to the 93 tune and run some scans there. Don't know the boost numbers on that yet since i just got the scanner.
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    1/4 Mile Run Times

    Wondering which path most will take though, increasing the fuel pump or using methanol injection. How much boost are you pushing with the high boost tune?
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    1/4 Mile Run Times

    I hear a lot of talk from Livernois owners but haven't seen many great time slips so I take it with a grain of salt. I don't think it's a problem with figuring out the 3 bar, it's about trying to get as much as you can on the 2 bar. Ken was trying to push the most out of the 2 bar setup since...
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    1/4 Mile Run Times

    I was testing the revised SS tune, but it's still having some issues. I just don't know if more can be done on the 2 bar sensor over their 93 tune. the improved shifting would be nice on it's own even if more power can't be pushed as is.
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    My XSport is getting some new paint,

    Not my personal preference but it looks very clean and if you are happy then it's perfect.
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    Minor Accident What would you do?

    Unless you could show some kind of mechanical failure, they are always going to say failure to maintain control of the vehicle.
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    1/4 Mile Run Times

    Looks like the SS tune should be released pretty soon, sit tight and be rewarded!
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    Running an OCC (Oil Catch Can) on the 3.5L Ecoboost

    It would work fine on the 2.0 ecoboost, but the plumbing and fittings would be a little different so you'd have to figure it all out yourself.
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    Question about tow package

    Yeah, and there are also dealers that just put on a uhaul type hitch as well. That doesn't mean the vehicle can't do it, just means you can't and expect any kind of warranty coverage or possible insurance issues if you wrecked while overloaded!
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    Gaps/Alignment, Paint, Pinholes... Do you have these issues??

    You might have an eye for seeing these things, but the question I have. Why did you not thoroughly inspect the vehicle before accepting it???
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    Ford Explorer 2012 A-Pillar ( cut ) ?!!!

    I've been to the sandbox a few times back when I used to be a helicopter flight engineer in the USAF. It's an unforgiving environment for all machinery!
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    Ford Explorer 2012 A-Pillar ( cut ) ?!!!

    He lives in Saudi Arabia where it gets insanely hot, probably a climate issue that is causing the seals adhesive to either fail or get pushed out through expansion.