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    Fluttering Sound From Dash

    The our 2017 2.3 EB Explorer has developed a fluttering sound coming from the dash on the drivers side. It doesn't sound like a leaf stuck in the vent, it's more mechanical. It starts around 50 mph and continues as long as your at 50 or above. It doesn't seem to increase as the speed picks up...
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    Turbo Lag

    My wife has a 2017 2.3 EB Explorer. It accelerates fine EXCEPT if you floor it either from a dead stop or even while rolling. Flooring it is not done often however It's done this lag from new. There seems to be a hesitation, it doesn't stall but doesn't accelerate until a few seconds later, then...
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    2.3 EcoBoost Waterpump Replaced at 26,000 miles

    While on vacation with our 2017 Explorer I did my usual inspections to make sure to make sure everything at least looked ok. I noticed the coolant level was below the minimum cold fill mark on the tank. Upon return it was taken to the dealer because the driver door keypad came loose for the...
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    Heater odor?

    Our 2017 2.3 EB XLT seems to have an odor, similar to wood smoke coming out of a chimney, with the heater on. It's stronger if you use the remote start in real cold temps. It seems to lessen when you start driving after using the remote start. But even just using the heater in the upper 30's...