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    Wheels get stuck 4x4 issue?

    Can your scanner read for speed sensor codes? Could be one of them is telling the PCM a wheel is slipping, so it goes to 4WD to compensate. I think 17 and 18 in battery junction box are both 20 amp fuses. What does the fuse chart in your owner's manual say?
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    Radio volume control

    Welcome to the forum Phil. My 2002 XLT does this once in a while too. I have the stock 6 disc CD player/radio. Oh well, 16 year old vehicle that I bought new. It's been very good to me and I can live with this little annoyance.
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    bought a 2005 exp EB 4.6 4x4

    I get to drive a 2002 Explorer V8 (mine) and a 2005 Mounty V8 (mom in law) all the time. The '05 is difficult for me to take off smoothly from stop, even when fully warmed up. I've always chalked it up to mechanical vr. electrical throttle control. Maybe I will have a go at cleaning the TB on...
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    2002 Explorer doesn't shift into 4wd

    Have a look through this thread: 4x4 does not work You will see that that the 2002's have control modules that fail, often after the battery is disconnected. Sometimes the ground to the transfer case shift motor becomes corroded and loses grounding contact so check that first before getting a...
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    02 EB Dual Climate ZERO heat

    Check that heater control valve as suggested above by JC. Pretty common issue for that valve to become inoperable in closed position. When closed it prevents hot coolant from circulating through the heater core. I've seen several threads in here with pictures and good directions I'm sure you...
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    ABS - 4wd nexus

    Tires that are slightly mismatched can cause the auto 4x4 system to activate during some driving maneuvers. Have heard of this occurring during acceleration, coasting at speed, cornering, going uphill... Worn bearings in a front hub can also cause this, as well as a failed sensor or it's...
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    ABS - 4wd nexus

    Any codes? Best to check with the front wheel speed sensors connected.
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    Vapor Canister Help

    I have several pages saved from the 2003 Explorer service manual for the fueling hoses and emissions stuff. Used to have the full manual until a hard drive died. Anyway, if you haven't seen the FSM pages let me know and I can email to you. Send a PM with email address if interested.
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    4x4 Selector switch doesn't function

    The ground wire (black) on the transfer case shift motor.
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    2002 Explorer Limited Floor Cargo Lever Broken

    I noticed not 10 minutes ago that mine is broken off too! I couldn't get in there when looking for a lost item. Please post back with part number and how-to fix it.
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    '02 XLT 4WD problems, need help!

    Rob, sorry to hear that you had so much trouble fixing this problem. If you read through some of the 4x4 threads in here you will find that many people with 2002s, myself included, fixed this issue by replacing the 4x4 CM with no programming required. What is the build date of your Explorer? I'm...
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    Throttle Body/Drive By Wire problem

    Tank of shit gas that sat for a long time? Might be plugged fuel filter, check fuel pressure. Also, clean the throttle body as 2004 had issues with sludge buildup in there, although that usually causes idle issues rather than acceleration problems.
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    Question about Blend Door Actuator

    Steveatthebeach, You may have seen BigRondo's post here: About the first thing he says in the post is: "I purchased the Blend Door Actuator from my Ford Dealer. Cost was $70.00. I...
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    Rough idle and "Check Engine Soon" light - FIXED

    My 2002 XLT 4.6 started idling weird yesterday and the SES popped up. Read codes and found P0171 and P0174. I knew right where to look thanks to this great thread. Got the updated Motorcraft hose for it coming from Amazon along with a new PCV. I put a piece of HVAC tape on the split elbow...
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    Possibly small issue but desperately need help

    Is it 4 wheel drive? If so, it might be kicking in and out of 4WD on you. You can find out by pulling power fuses 17 and 18 in the battery junction box. You got other good ideas here too. Let us know what you find out.
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    AM/FM 6-disc CD question

    I think the updated ones with added aux input are ones you saw for $$$. Look again, there is one listed right now for $54.99. Sure it might malfunction eventually like your old one but that seems like a rare failure mode to me. The common problem is stuck CDs and I have had it happen a few times...
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    AM/FM 6-disc CD question

    Can't help ya with the wiring but these can be had refurbed on ebay for $50-$60. Just a thought.
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    stuck in 4 low

    Check to see if you have a good ground on the system. Ground wire (black) comes out of the pigtail on shift motor and attaches to frame. It has been known to rust and rot at mounting point on the frame. That can cause problems, not necessarily like what you are having, but worth a look.
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    Another P0171 P0174 Issue

    Have you read through this post: The OP there has a 4.6 engine but other's chimed in with 4.0 engines with same issue.
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    Heat and AC not blowing right

    Empty the glove box. Squeeze the sides of the box toward the middle a little bit and let it swing back and down out of the way. The box itself is made from some kind of fiber board so it's pretty easy to squeeze the sides enough to get it loose.
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    Heat and AC not blowing right

    Check to see if the recirc/fresh air door has fallen down in it's housing above the blower motor. You can see it pretty easy by dropping the glove box down and looking through the grill in the front of the housing. It that door is laying down in there it will block most air flow through the...
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    2004 4x4 Control Module Location?

    You might want to check the ground wire on the transfer case. It has come up a few times in here on the Gen 3 Explorers. The ground wire is the black wire coming off the connector on the shift motor. Inspect the wire and make sure it is secured well to the frame. Hope this helps. :)
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    studders/bumps when accelerating sometimes

    Of course not Might try my suggestion above. :D
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    studders/bumps when accelerating sometimes

    Try a little test. Disable the 4WD system and drive it for a few days and see if it still bumps and surges under acceleration, especially uphill. If it still does it then time for a tune up as mentioned. If it goes away then time to diagnose the 4WD system.
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    Glowing Red Cats after Intake Manifold Change

    Nice first post. Thank you. :thumbsup: