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    Turn signal/reverse and brake light fuses keep popping!!

    long story and I’m lost at this point. So about a month ago, my right rear turn signal wasn’t functioning. I figure it’s just the bulb and replace it. Still does the same thing, solid glow instead of blinking. It didn’t blink in the hazards as well. After a couple it days it was functioning...
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    A4LD transmission leaked fluid!

    My 93 Explorer has always leaked transmission fluid. Not sure what gasket or seal it is but it’s between the engine and transmission. This week I took it to the dunes, it was really fun the explorers drove great! And one part in the sand it was a bit deeper and I tried to get out. My brother...
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    Rocker panel removal and grinding

    I removed the rocker panels on my 93 explorer, and filled the holes with clips which I glued and body matched, looks great. But the bottom part that once held in the rockers is ruining the look and making it not look as high. I know the front it’s bolting on the fender but the rest of the body...
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    2 inch lift questions

    I know there are many forums about this but not all of them are giving me the direct answers that I need. I recently purchased some 31x10.5s and I know they'll fit now but I plan on doing a 2 inch lift with shackle and coil spacer. Will a 4 wheel alignment be needed or just a front alignment...
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    Keyless entry first gen

    Hello everyone I have some questions about the first gen keyless entry. I've done lots of research with explorers and f-150's on how to program the keyless entry. But I've had some mixed information some say the module is under the dash other say it's in the jack compartment in the hatch. Mine...
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    Polishing stock wheels?

    i recently just purchased some bronco II wheels for my 93 explorer. I know these have clear coats on them. They look pretty good for the price(65$) but would polishing them with a polisher and car polish, and waxing them help reduce some clear coat oxidation and bring back some shine? Because I...
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    Soft 8 cragar wheels

    I have a stock hieght 93 explorer, with stock wheels(15x7) and stock tires(24 I believe). I want to get some soft 8 glossy black wheels. I saw they make 15x7's but what I read it seemed like they were for cars. Would I have to get bigger size(15x8's) and bigger tires? And if so what size tires...