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    Hitch Wiring Problems

    I went to plug in my boat trailer lights, and they are not working. But I know that they work, because I have used another car. And they worked fine. Then I went out and got one of the testers for the plug. It tested out fine. I also know that the extensions are working too. Now I am stuck...
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    How to Build a Box

    Ok so I am thinking about building my own custom sub box for my four door. It is going to hold 2 15s, I am looking to have about 7 cubic feet. But my question is how to caluclate how many the cubic feet I have with my measurements. They are L 38.5in W 44.5 and H 20in. Your help will be very will...
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    Help Amp Problems

    Ok so I put in this new amp I got from a friend to run my one 12. Put it in on Thurday night it was working fine. Then I drove home from Tampa to Orlando which is about an 2 hour drive it ran fine the whole way home. Had it hitting pretty hard the whole way. Then I drove to my friendgirls house...
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    22 inch wheel fitment

    Hey guys just got a quick question. Will 22 inch wheels with 255-30-22 tires fit I am sure that will. What I really need to know is about the rims. The bolt pattern is 5 x 114.3 with a +15mm offset. Will all this fit on a 02 Explorer 4 door XLS? Thanks!
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    Your opinion about this subwoofer!!!

    Hey, I would like to know what you guys think about this sub. Also, which one you think would be better to go with. And last if anyone has used these or are using these are they any good, because I am looking to go for SQ and SPL!!! these subs are both ALPHASONIK PSW8154J PSW915
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    Mustang wheels on a explorer

    Hey guys will a set of 05 mustang gt wheels 17 inch fit on my 02 xls 2 wheel drive explorer? I think the pattern is right so i guess my biggest question is will I need spacers or something to make it work right?
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    MB Quart Speakers

    Hey guys I have an 02 explorer 4 door looking at getting some new door speakers for it. I have been thinking about getting the MB Quart Discus 168 2-way speakers for all the doors. Does anyone know if they are any good, right now I only have factory :( just not cutting it anymore for me! But if...
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    What to make a sub box out of?

    What is the best material to make your sub box out of price is not the issue. For both sound quantity and SPL, but sound quantity does come first in my book!
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    Emblem Removal

    I am looking to remove the emblems off my 02 XLS from the sides and the back but I want to know if after I take them off will there be those little holes behind them?