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  1. Hitchhikingmike

    3rd gen pic's

    Nice! I too have an '02 black XLS. I don't see black XLSes that often...
  2. Hitchhikingmike

    3rd gen pic's

    Nice! I too have an '02 black XLS. I don't see black XLSes that often...
  3. Hitchhikingmike

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas. :)
  4. Hitchhikingmike

    180,000 and going strong!

    great! I like seeing older cars still working well. I have 145kmi on my '02. Still has untouched timing chains and original transmission.
  5. Hitchhikingmike

    Loose wheels, side to side play, but tie rod ends solid as a rock?

    Hello. Check your wheel bearings. Sounds like your wheel bearings are bad.
  6. Hitchhikingmike

    3rd gen success story

    its a Westin model. I picked it up new off of Craig's list years ago. I've used it maybe just a couple times to push disabled cars slowly. For this purpose it works well. Otherwise I just like it for aesthetics.
  7. Hitchhikingmike

    3rd gen success story

  8. Hitchhikingmike

    clean 1993

    I'm just going to leave this here. https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/cto/d/ford-explorer-classic-low/6329578452.html was just browsing on CL and then all of a sudden came across this. So who's going to take one for the team and snatch this up?
  9. Hitchhikingmike

    3rd gen success story

    Hi all, I just wanted to post a semi-seccuess story for my 2002 explorer. It just turned over 140kmiles with no major work done on the transmission or engine. READ: transmission is original, timing chains untouched and still going great, original rear diff. I've owned this explorer since 2007...
  10. Hitchhikingmike

    V6 Explorer timing tool kit. Otc 6488.

    Hi Dazzan, I can't help you with this, but I just dropped by to say that I've read a lot of posts of people buying aftermarket/no-name brand chains and tensioners only to have to replace them again a year later. The Ford tensioner kits appear to to be of the best quality. best of luck...
  11. Hitchhikingmike

    How to install cabin air filter [PICTURES]

    Even though I'm not active on this forum anymore, I still own and daily drive this explorer after all this time. I wanted to come back to post that I have found a factory cabin filter that fits the dimensions for this mod exactly! The filter is for a BMW 3 series I believe. I am now using a WIX...
  12. Hitchhikingmike

    How to install cabin air filter [PICTURES]

    I'm glad this has helped other people. I'm not sure about if this works on other gens as well.
  13. Hitchhikingmike

    How long did your Servo Bore "O-Ring Fix" last

    I did mine around 100k miles, I now have 134k miles and no issues. The servo fix was definitely worth it.
  14. Hitchhikingmike

    How to make your Ford Explorer steering column telescope PICS

    Hello, I have never looked at the columns in the second gens before, but I doubt it though.
  15. Hitchhikingmike

    Build thread - Skyforger

    cool build, KE5CAT here.
  16. Hitchhikingmike

    How to: Replace Front Blend Door Actuator in 3rd Gen Ex.

    hmmm... it appears that I am the only one who's original blend door actuator has not failed? '02 w/ 122kmiles. -mike
  17. Hitchhikingmike

    5r55e rebuild - first fluid change?

    always better to do it sooner than later.
  18. Hitchhikingmike

    pros and cons 4.0 vs 5.0

    Keep in mind that the SOHC has the same power as the 5.0 in stock form. When towing on the highway power is all that matters (HP=torque*speed)- so the point is mute here. I've have a SOHC in my '02 3rd gen explorer for a while now and have never had to do anything to it other than a couple oil...
  19. Hitchhikingmike

    Rust to Riches, Blue's 98 Ranger

    cool work:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  20. Hitchhikingmike

    How many miles on your 3RD GEN! orig. tranny????

    '02 XLS V6 Explorer. 120k miles. haven't had to take the transmission out yet. -all wheel bearings -front ball joints twice -AC compressor now seized -blend door actuator -valave cover gasket twice -rear left window regulator -oil filter mount gasket -passenger window regulator just...
  21. Hitchhikingmike

    More Engine Noise...

    the injectors on these engine have always been loud as well. I seem to hear more of the injectors than anything. You sure you have a chain noise. Hard to tell from the video for me...
  22. Hitchhikingmike

    How to: SOHC V6 Timing Chain Inspection & Repair

    wow, thanks for the writeup. 118k miles on my '02 SOHC with no problems so far.
  23. Hitchhikingmike

    Mystery pin found in 5R55E pan. (Calling trans gurus!)

    I believe it sits vertically, just on the inside of the transmission pan gasket. I believe it goes right where the PRNDL input shaft goes into the transmission. I think it seats into a groove in this shaft to keep the PRNDL shaft from popping out.
  24. Hitchhikingmike

    2002 4.0L V6 valve cover gasket replacement and TIPS!

    I think I'll apply a bead of silicon on the outside perimeter of the valve cover gasket this time to double seal it. Think this would be a good idea?