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    Does the Explorer have takata airbags?

    Define most other Ford Vehicles... Per the recall listings, certain years of the GT, Mustang, Ranger, Edge, and Fusion were affected. That only leaves vehicles like the Explorer, F-series trucks, E-series vans, Crown Vic, Escape, Excursion, Expedition, Focus, Freestar, Taurus, 500...
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    2008 Mercury Mountaineer Rear Suspension bolts???

    Order them from the dealer or off of the ford parts site parts.ford.com You'll get exactly what you want with the diagrams and they are OEM. Be prepared for some sticker shock though...
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    Cross country road trip was a success, but I may have some problems?

    Well, if you believe the cooling system is undersized due to the radiator, you may be surprised to learn the radiator in the Explorer, including the V6's, is actually larger than the radiator in the F150's and Expeditions of the same generation using the same size or larger V8's by roughly 5%...
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    2010 V8 Service Questions

    The shop is taking you for a ride based on the 06-08s not being a lot of fun... Yours should be much easier. Unless you are actually having misfires that indicate all the coils need replacing, I'd not bother with that expense. I used the monroe quick struts on the rear on mine. Not a bad...
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    Difference between rated cargo capacity and calculated capacity

    What is the source of the curb weight and how does it relate to your limited? Here is the hint: Nearly every option added above a base model adds weight. And the optional feature weight gets taken from your cargo capacity. These weight lists are easy to find for the F150. Not so sure how...
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    What do you like best about your explorer?

    I'm going with its paid for. It also has a really good turning radius as been pointed out.
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    Can't remove rear differential drain bolt

    I'll ditto most of what has been said. Have you gotten the fill plug out? If not, start there before worrying about the drain plug. If the fill plug comes out, consider using a suction pump to pull out the fluid you can and then refill. If you are just trying to service the fluid, this...
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    Hey there does anyone know if I Can put 17 inch rims and tires front a f150 in my 2007 explorer?

    97 and up F150s use a different bolt pattern / spacing, so no. Explorer is 5x 4.5. 97 and up F150s are 5x135 or 6x135.
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    4 cylinder engine swap?

    As others have stated, your best bet is to look at another vehicle entirely. The Explorer (and Sport Trac) are old school, body on frame SUV's. Competitors went to unibody setups in attempts to be more carlike and provide a better ride and fuel economy. There are reasons for sicking with body...
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    TPMS reset

    Ditto Spikedogs comment. The horn goes off after the second round of key cycling. And yes, the $20 tool is all you need. Works fine on the band style and the stem style on my snow tires.
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    Hissing sound after engine is shut off

    The hissing sound is likely from your A/C system and is generally normal. The puddles are likely condensation from the A/C, and the locations you are identifying near the engine and transmission sound normal as well. No idea on the resonator other than if when starting cold, you may have...
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    Cover for brake lines with running boards removed?

    I'll echo the comment above. Virtually every pickup truck I've owned that had a mechanical parking brake had the cable located in a similar spot, exposed out on the frame rail like that. Sometimes covered by steps or running boards, but usually not. With extensive off road and construction...
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    Trans fluid leaking at radiator. How to repair?

    There is another mechanism that holds the steel line in besides the plastic retainer. Takes a tool that inserts around the line and into the fitting. They are a pain in the rear end. Great for putting together at the factory, not so great after being in service for many years. As the others...
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    heater hose woes

    Yes - the heater hose in my case was damaged by heat from the manifold. Whether it was direct contact or not, I don't recall, but replacing just the Y with a splice was not possible in my case due to the damage to the hose. When I replaced it, it seemed like it was a decent distance away from...
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    heater hose woes

    Yep - the $200+ Ford part has more to it than that, but none of that was really needed for the repair when that Y was broken. In my case, splicing in a replacement Y was also not an option due to similar heat damage as noted by the OP. Nice that there is at least another option for repair out...
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    Oil filters

    The FL820s is the correct filter for your application. Older 4.0's did use a FL-1A (at least my '97 Explorer did), but that is a standard thread filter. I'm guessing what you are running into is how some places, namely quick lube places, use an FL-500s where an FL-820s is specified. The...
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    Which Brand Of Spark Plugs?

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    2010 4.6 - Considered Triton Motors?

    Yup - Any 4.6, 5.4, or 6.8 in a truck/SUV is a Triton/Modular motor. The bad ones were truly the earlier 5.4 3V engines (2004 and 5). I had an '04 and it made it to 180,000 miles before the timing chains, tensioners, and phasers needed attention. I chose to dump the truck as it was a large...
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    2008 v8 sloppy shift 1-2

    Our '07 sometimes exhibits the same, only at slow speeds. The usual scenario is a rolling slow and hit the gas scenario, and good jerk when the shift happens. That being said, its been that way since we got it, and my F150 with the same transmission does not exhibit the same problem. Thinking...
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    fan shroud

    As sated, doing a mod to get you true 2wd doesn't gain much on the V8 4th Gen Explorers. As noted, all the running gear is still moving, which in most true 2wd situations is disconnected, usually through a vacuum switch. No such switch exists on ours, meaning the front wheels will drive the...
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    fan shroud

    Yes, there is a shroud. They make a big difference when just sitting!
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    Looking to buy a Gen4 Explorer - transmission issues?

    It isn't totally clear from the OP's original post, but to be clear the 4th Gen V8 has a different transmission than the 4th Gen V6. Reliability of the 5R55S is what you know. Treated well with maintenance and it will last comparably to what you know. The V8 gets you the 6r60 or 6R80 (they...
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    Back door lock buzzes and does not work - 2010 Explorer

    Agree with Explorer_PL. Door panels are easy. Odds are it is just the actuator (assuming everything else in the door lock is moving smoothly). While I have not done one on my Explorer, they are not terribly hard jobs. Usually the biggest trick is just figuring out how to wiggle pieces in and...
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    Winter tire recommendation please

    As others have posted, the best solution is a set of dedicated winter tires. Virtually any winter tire will be a vast improvement over an all season tire. I've had a set of Hankook Ipike RW11's for my 07 4WD Explorer for the last 6 years. They have been been pretty good and wearing well...
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    If you are the paying customer, I'm curious why the shop wouldn't take care of cleaning and buffing the bead seal area just because the tread is down 6/32. If the customer will pay for, acknowledge it may not completely fix the issue, why wouldn't they do it? Sounds like the shop just thought...